The Process of CarpeDiem


If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants

– Isaac Newton

I wanted to share the process behind Carpe Diem.

First I present you with the sources of my Curation. A ready to use excel sheet of the below can be downloaded from here. I think this data alone would compensate for your endurance of last forty-eight weeks

Technology, Product, Investors,Markets
Source Comments Fred Wilson’s is a top investor. Daily doses of insights on investing, technology and products. Anand Sanwal’s fabulous stuff on Technology, Markets and Investment. If you want to know everything that is happening around technology and investing around the globe, this one news letter is sufficient Peter Diamandis excellent blog on exponential technologies. He is the author of Bold and has an excellent course around exponential entrepreneurship. It is called the A360 abundance insider. If you can afford it you should take it. An excellent blog on Lean Product Development An excellent news letter for keeping yourself updated in the areas of Machine Learning, AI and Deep Learning. Visit the site and subscribe yourself to the Emergent AI news letter A must subscribe news letter for the startups from the most successful accelerator program in the world A no nonsense stuff about launching and growing a startup. The premium program is worth every penny. Freshdesk, now freshworks is an alumni of this program A must read quarterly for anyone remotely associated with software and product development If you can afford it, one of the best magazines about the intersection of technology and life
Philosophy, General Life Amazing daily nudgets from Seth Godin. Very different and very refreshing Srini Rao’s weekly dose of insights delivered in a very compelling manner. His podcasts are also brilliant. Tim ferriss’s decoding the human limits of performance and other things. This blog motivated me to read about stoicism in a more formal way Well researched articles on a variety of subjects but mostly focused on achieving individual excellence from James Clear Very authentic writing style and he also has a paid subscription for insights from books that he reads. Does an excellent job curating the insights from those books Eric Barker’s Science based insights about human behavior and performance. He has recently published a book “Barking up the wrong tree” summarizing his insights from his blog and I find it to be an interesting book Despite the generous use of four letter words, found his blog and writing to be very incisive This blog is an excellent example of how curation should be done. Extremely inspiring, thought provoking and motivating Founder of Basecamp and author or Re-work, writes unconventionally about building and scaling organizations Manages a certain degree of standard and quality and has some occasional articles that are brilliant
Sites Curated from Feedly App. The app can be downloaded from app store or play store. Magazines for entrepreneurs. Generally features motivating stuff Industry pulse on new technology areas and investments A very different site about multi-cultural articles The founder describes it as a magazine where HBR meets oprah winfrey. One of the most impressive magazines that I continue to read World news in general World news in general A good site for happenings in the connected world A good site for teaching aide Needs no introduction A very different take on many things A 5$ per month subscription gives you access to the best of the writers around the world. Mostly well written stuff
PODCASTS. Download the podcast app of your choice and search the following channels  Pocketcast is one of the app . The link for android is as given below
Unmistakable Creative Candid and Insightful conversations with a variety of people
The Minimalists A podcast focused on why less is more. Very insightful
a16z podcast Podcast on latest in technology from Andersson Horowittz and team
The REBOOT PODCAST A podcast that focuses on Radical Self-Inquiry
The PITCH A podcast from Gimlet media about pitching to investors
The James Altucher Show Authentic conversations with a varied set of personalities
Increasing Abundance and Exponential technologies A podcast about exponential technologies
The Tim Ferriss Show In-depth conversations with people who have made lasting impact

I save all good articles obtained in the week to pocket and read later. I schedule my reading hours mostly on a Sunday evening. Typically 2 to 3 hours in a week go to reading articles saved in Pocket. Pocket is one of those extremely useful tools, and I have been using it for years now. Grammarly is another tool that I use to fix my issues with the English Language. I am not out of the woods yet, but this tool helps me to fix obvious mistakes faster.

I sit on a Wednesday night or a Thursday night around 3 – 4 hours to write two original articles. This is the toughest portion of the newsletter. I have written 96 articles over the last 48 weeks, and I find it excruciating to get some original thought on paper.

If I am not traveling during the weekend, I schedule the newsletter on a Friday evening or a Saturday Morning to avoid last minute rushes.  The Curation from other sources and assembling the newsletter takes about 90 minutes. I use goodbits as my newsletter provided. I pay them around 25 USD per month. They have good features like pulling the articles automatically from my Word press blogs and pocket repository.

On an average, it is around 6 hours of work per week to generate what I have been generating. After coding, this is one activity I get into the flow mode. For these 3 – 4 hours I am oblivious to what is happening around me.

You would argue my process is neither inspiring or intuitive, but I was never known for those skills.

My process is more mundane, but the only silver lining is I that can switch to the flow state at will for few hours in a week.

I hope this gives you enough ammunition to start a self-discovery process and bring out something that is probably kept inside you.

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)




Who Am I? Zunder Lekshmanan


A preamble.  I was asked to write an essay on the above topic for entry into this program. What do you think would have been the result? Following is the essay.

That is a trick question.

The great Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi patented this question and planted this seed in many, and I am no exception.

I do not know about others, but I have been on a witch hunt to figure that out, and I think I am destined to undergo the ludic loop of ‘Punarapi Jananam, Punarapi Maranam’ (cycle of death and birth) prescribed by Adi Sankara in his Bhaja Govindam.

But did not someone says it’s the journey that matters, not the destination?

One day I shall find out the person who said that and shall counter them with ‘How do you manage to stay clear of your monthly EMI’s’?

But why I am assuming the question as a trick question.

Any normal person would give an introduction to themselves and my introductory conversation with a stranger  would be as follows

Stranger: What is your name?

Me: Zunder

Stranger: Is it Sunder?

Me: No, it’s Zunder with a Z.

Stranger: Is it Numerology?

Me: No, my Dad kept it that way, and from where we come, we did not question Dad’s.

After that, an eerie silence follows.

My Dad also spells his name with an ‘E, ‘ and I always have to defend – “No, there are not two spelling errors.” It is intended that way.

Over the years, I have realized that I am that kind of person who anyone will have trouble talking to after a ‘Hello,’ and I have made peace with that.

My Dad also told me the reasons about both names being that way, and it had something to do with Sanskrit.

Frankly speaking, I did not give a damn. Dad knew better.

But I am always grateful to him for keeping the spelling that way.

I manage to ace all my Viva Voce’s of all my graduation and post graduation exams without understanding an iota of the subject under consideration. By the time, the external examiner got to my name; they would be tired and just give me something average. I have had no complaints with that because I am someone who believed I cleared my exams owing to my prior quid pro quo with temples in my locality.

The quid pro quo continues till date, and I have had no complaints.

For someone who could not reconcile how the top view of the cone is a circle, to get to building products that are being used by billions of people, I would have to say GOD has been merciful.

However, there comes the point in everyone’s life, where you fall victim to the question of ‘What is the point’ and I am no exception.

I quit my cushy corporate job after two decades of relentless fun, to chase my dreams. Even in my corporate job, I stayed away from the pack and stuck around because of the people around me. I stayed a one company man and survived five management changes!. In IT, that was unheard of, and I belong to the minority.

If one would label me as a fool by design, I could not agree more, but my defense has been ‘I lived MY life, ‘ and that is my big hidden ego showing up shamelessly.

So if someone asks the other nightmarish question of ‘What you do now,’ I smilingly say I run my start-up, which I believe is an effective euphemism for being fiscally unproductive.

Ideally, I would like to answer, I do ‘Nothing, ‘ and that is an answer which I realize is not acceptable to many including my family who otherwise have patiently endured my increasing eccentricities. Sometimes I feel, if they had a choice, they would have shown the door to me.

When I quit, I had a three-year contract with my family on they would not question me on anything and they have stuck to their bargain.  They will just at the end of every month say ‘X months’ over.

I have fourteen more months more to figure out where my next two decades of rat race would be?

Interestingly, last twenty two months, I have walked more than I have walked all my life, spent time with my two kids, more than I ever did in the first ten years of their life, happily consumed out of my wife’s earnings, and helping my mother with all the errands she needs to run the day to day affairs of the house.

The only thing I miss is the SMS that comes at the end of the month saying ‘Your Salary has been deposited,’ but even without that, I seem to be happier than ever before.

Is this happiness sustainable?

A question easier than who am I? But nevertheless have fourteen more months to figure out, and it seems to me like a tussle between the head and the heart.

Head says “Enough of your complacency. Get back and do what you should be doing”.

Heart says “Relax. Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)”.

Why is that I am inclined towards ‘The Heart’? And everyone except me, want me to follow what my Head! Says.

It seems to be more questions than answers.

Coming back, If I have to answer the trick question of

Who Am I?

I would say or rather like to say

An Obedient Son, A committed worker, A bearable husband, father, brother, and A loyal friend. However, all that is coming from me. But again did someone says life is lived well if we do not care about other’s opinion. I am searching for that person as well!

An answer closer to truth would be

“No results found.”

and if I can add it would be

‘Still Searching.’

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)


PS: The result I got from the panel that evaluates submission is ‘Witty – Self Aware – Can Improve his language.”

The Path of Least Resistance


Why did I pick this book?

One of my biases. I like the title. Generally, I operate my life through this path. Well, that has got nothing to what the book has to offer !!

What do I like about the book?

A simple, neat and structure approach to getting creative in life.

What is one interesting idea that I learned?

Structural Tension – The discrepancy between what you want and what you currently have forms the most important structure in the creative process. Highly creative people can live with a higher degree of structural tension.

How long would it take?

2 – 3 hours

Paras or Quotes that I liked

Those who learn to know reality, without holding on to the past, are in best position to truly live with their lives. This is anything but amnesia. This is not forgetting the past, but remembering that the past is over. The past is not the present. Whether the past has been filled with loss or failure or filled with success and victory, the past is not the present. And the present is not the past.

A thousand people could praise a result you had created, but if the result did not satisfy your vision, you would not be ready to acknowledge it as complete. On the other hand, a thousand people might condemn a result you had created, yet if you saw that it satisfied your vision, you would be fully ready to say, “It is done and complete”

Only you have the authority to recognize and confirm that a creation of yours is complete

When you consider your own life, do you hope for the key to instant salvation, either through riches, fame, retirement, or death, or do you see the time you have available as a resource for what your bring into being?

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)



A Mouse Hunt and an Impeccable Insight


If you open the newspaper, they are filled with some killings from all over the world.

I have wondered how a beautiful place like Kashmir can be eternally peaceful?

I have wondered is there an easy way for the perpetual Israel – Palestine conflict?

Why does Maoism or Naxalism persist?

All of the spiritual leaders advocate Compassion, and I see Compassion as a good formula for resolving conflicts of any kind.

However, the devilish voice inside me tells me

“What is going inside you is all idle talk. You claim to be compassionate, but when it comes to you, will you be compassionate?”

When a dog chases me during my morning walk, I just get the feeling that I should turn around and kill it, but my better sense prevails. I go for the fight or flight approach and somehow after the moment passes I wonder ‘How can I  get the thought of harming another living being,’ and I credit myself of having survived without getting harmed or harming the dog.

I answer the devil – “You are wrong.”

I have cheered myself when I have overcome a potentially explosive situation with compassion mostly with members of family and people outside. The gargantuan ego of mine swells with pride realizing my compassionate nature!

However,  this week I got a rude shock, and I was humbled more than ever.

It was, as usual, a busy morning with my wife getting the kids ready for the school and me as an involved parent, attempting to escape for my morning walk, noticed a mouse and unfortunately mentioned to my wife there is a mouse near the TV.

All hell broke loose, and I was handed the charge of the getting the mouse out of my house.

The mouse was too agile for my skills.

My wife, sensing my lethargy called my son and the security guard for reinforcements.

Three of us were in the mouse hunt now, and still, the mouse was getting the better of us.

We took a deep breath, evolved a strategy, blocked all the exit points except one and cornered the mouse. The one exit was to provide a smooth exit to the mouse out of the house.

The mouse finally gave up and was nearing the exit point. However, for some reason, it wanted to return to the house and turned its back.

I lost my patience and in one light swift blow to its neck, ended its life.

The security guard took the lifeless mouse and went away.

My son credited me with “Super Blow, Appa” and shouted, “Amma – Appa killed the mouse.”

My wife came out screaming and did not stop shouting at me. ‘Why did you kill the mouse. Your dad and my dad have never done that in the past in similar circumstances. Who asked you to kill it.’

My daughter came out and told “Appa – you could have let it go.”

My mother said, “It is ok.”

In a few minutes, I have turned from a compassionate individual to a ruthless murderer.

I have stopped defending any of my actions, but on reflection, this incident revealed a great insight about me.

As the devil inside me suspected, I am a hypocrite.

All the talk of compassion is for others.

If anything as harmless as a mouse threatens my space, I shall do anything to protect my space.

At night, at the dinner table, when the conversation returned to my surgical strike of the mouse, I was pronounced guilty 3-1, and the only word of solace came from my son. He told

“Forget it Appa, what you did falls under the category of Desperate Measures.

What do you think?

Does this make me a hypocrite?

In the end, aren’t we overly protective and possessive about our spaces?

Do we have the will for compassion, when it matters?

At least, for me, the answers to the above questions are a Yes, Yes, No

What would be your answers?

Or rather

What would you have done to the mouse?

Remember, despite being a real incident, the mouse is just symbolic. It could be anything that threatens your space!

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)