If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants

– Isaac Newton

I wanted to share the process behind Carpe Diem.

First I present you with the sources of my Curation. A ready to use excel sheet of the below can be downloaded from here. I think this data alone would compensate for your endurance of last forty-eight weeks

Technology, Product, Investors,Markets
Source Comments Fred Wilson’s is a top investor. Daily doses of insights on investing, technology and products. Anand Sanwal’s fabulous stuff on Technology, Markets and Investment. If you want to know everything that is happening around technology and investing around the globe, this one news letter is sufficient Peter Diamandis excellent blog on exponential technologies. He is the author of Bold and has an excellent course around exponential entrepreneurship. It is called the A360 abundance insider. If you can afford it you should take it. An excellent blog on Lean Product Development An excellent news letter for keeping yourself updated in the areas of Machine Learning, AI and Deep Learning. Visit the site and subscribe yourself to the Emergent AI news letter A must subscribe news letter for the startups from the most successful accelerator program in the world A no nonsense stuff about launching and growing a startup. The premium program is worth every penny. Freshdesk, now freshworks is an alumni of this program A must read quarterly for anyone remotely associated with software and product development If you can afford it, one of the best magazines about the intersection of technology and life
Philosophy, General Life Amazing daily nudgets from Seth Godin. Very different and very refreshing Srini Rao’s weekly dose of insights delivered in a very compelling manner. His podcasts are also brilliant. Tim ferriss’s decoding the human limits of performance and other things. This blog motivated me to read about stoicism in a more formal way Well researched articles on a variety of subjects but mostly focused on achieving individual excellence from James Clear Very authentic writing style and he also has a paid subscription for insights from books that he reads. Does an excellent job curating the insights from those books Eric Barker’s Science based insights about human behavior and performance. He has recently published a book “Barking up the wrong tree” summarizing his insights from his blog and I find it to be an interesting book Despite the generous use of four letter words, found his blog and writing to be very incisive This blog is an excellent example of how curation should be done. Extremely inspiring, thought provoking and motivating Founder of Basecamp and author or Re-work, writes unconventionally about building and scaling organizations Manages a certain degree of standard and quality and has some occasional articles that are brilliant
Sites Curated from Feedly App. The app can be downloaded from app store or play store. Magazines for entrepreneurs. Generally features motivating stuff Industry pulse on new technology areas and investments A very different site about multi-cultural articles The founder describes it as a magazine where HBR meets oprah winfrey. One of the most impressive magazines that I continue to read World news in general World news in general A good site for happenings in the connected world A good site for teaching aide Needs no introduction A very different take on many things A 5$ per month subscription gives you access to the best of the writers around the world. Mostly well written stuff
PODCASTS. Download the podcast app of your choice and search the following channels  Pocketcast is one of the app . The link for android is as given below
Unmistakable Creative Candid and Insightful conversations with a variety of people
The Minimalists A podcast focused on why less is more. Very insightful
a16z podcast Podcast on latest in technology from Andersson Horowittz and team
The REBOOT PODCAST A podcast that focuses on Radical Self-Inquiry
The PITCH A podcast from Gimlet media about pitching to investors
The James Altucher Show Authentic conversations with a varied set of personalities
Increasing Abundance and Exponential technologies A podcast about exponential technologies
The Tim Ferriss Show In-depth conversations with people who have made lasting impact

I save all good articles obtained in the week to pocket and read later. I schedule my reading hours mostly on a Sunday evening. Typically 2 to 3 hours in a week go to reading articles saved in Pocket. Pocket is one of those extremely useful tools, and I have been using it for years now. Grammarly is another tool that I use to fix my issues with the English Language. I am not out of the woods yet, but this tool helps me to fix obvious mistakes faster.

I sit on a Wednesday night or a Thursday night around 3 – 4 hours to write two original articles. This is the toughest portion of the newsletter. I have written 96 articles over the last 48 weeks, and I find it excruciating to get some original thought on paper.

If I am not traveling during the weekend, I schedule the newsletter on a Friday evening or a Saturday Morning to avoid last minute rushes.  The Curation from other sources and assembling the newsletter takes about 90 minutes. I use goodbits as my newsletter provided. I pay them around 25 USD per month. They have good features like pulling the articles automatically from my Word press blogs and pocket repository.

On an average, it is around 6 hours of work per week to generate what I have been generating. After coding, this is one activity I get into the flow mode. For these 3 – 4 hours I am oblivious to what is happening around me.

You would argue my process is neither inspiring or intuitive, but I was never known for those skills.

My process is more mundane, but the only silver lining is I that can switch to the flow state at will for few hours in a week.

I hope this gives you enough ammunition to start a self-discovery process and bring out something that is probably kept inside you.

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)