Why did I pick this book?

One of my biases. I like the title. Generally, I operate my life through this path. Well, that has got nothing to what the book has to offer !!

What do I like about the book?

A simple, neat and structure approach to getting creative in life.

What is one interesting idea that I learned?

Structural Tension – The discrepancy between what you want and what you currently have forms the most important structure in the creative process. Highly creative people can live with a higher degree of structural tension.

How long would it take?

2 – 3 hours

Paras or Quotes that I liked

Those who learn to know reality, without holding on to the past, are in best position to truly live with their lives. This is anything but amnesia. This is not forgetting the past, but remembering that the past is over. The past is not the present. Whether the past has been filled with loss or failure or filled with success and victory, the past is not the present. And the present is not the past.

A thousand people could praise a result you had created, but if the result did not satisfy your vision, you would not be ready to acknowledge it as complete. On the other hand, a thousand people might condemn a result you had created, yet if you saw that it satisfied your vision, you would be fully ready to say, “It is done and complete”

Only you have the authority to recognize and confirm that a creation of yours is complete

When you consider your own life, do you hope for the key to instant salvation, either through riches, fame, retirement, or death, or do you see the time you have available as a resource for what your bring into being?

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)