You may wonder what my bucket list is doing here. I think a bucket list serves two purposes. It gives you a perspective of what you enjoy if you had the option of breaking away from your karmic cycle. It also gives an insight into who you are. If not anything, making it is some fun, and I hope you find some time to make it.  You will get to some obvious and not so obvious findings of yourselves.


I intend to complete half marathon in two hours twenty minutes by this year and a full marathon within four hours by the end of next year. This is my battle with obesity, and so far obesity is having the last laugh. I am clear on this. It’s either deploy or die for this item on the list. I am not going to let the monster called obesity get better of me. Before you get me wrong, let me tell you this. The fight is not to get rid of my obesity, but I want to establish that I can be obese and still achieve these milestones!

Kanyakumari to Kashmir by Road, but an additional twist has come.

I almost did this, except that it was from Bangalore to Leh by road. Now, the unfortunate thing meeting any item on the bucket list is you do not want to stop with it. The buddies I went with to Leh are urging me to plan a drive to Singapore. They know I am a better strategist (read as armchair philsopher), and they are tireless executioners.  However, I am extremely reluctant to start this strategic planning, as all of the five who went on the road trip to Leh including me are currently enjoying our hibernation and we do not have a clue on how to raise the money for the trip. We want to complete this by 2020. I will assign a probability of 0.6 for this happening as I enjoy those long drives where you essentially live out of the vehicle in which you travel.

Be a self-sustaining entrepreneur

I started with the intention of starting an organization that can deliver lasting value in its chosen areas. I realized in the last twenty-two months that is tougher than I expected and with a statement as vague as ‘Deliver lasting value in chosen areas,’ it is even more difficult. I have not given up on myself yet, but the probability of this happening is in the range of 0.2 to 0.3

Contribute towards breaking some element of digital divide

I have been a shameless consumer and beneficiary of technological advances. It has been a persistently dormant thought in my mind, the need to give back something. I have not firmed up anything in my mind yet, but I wish to put technology to some meaningful use especially in primary and higher education. Once I firm up the idea, I think the probability of this happening is 0.8.

Complete Chadar Trek

I think this is going to be the test of ultimate endurance for me. Carrying my weight, carrying a rucksack of twenty-five kilograms, with temperatures reaching in the order of minus twenty degree Celsius and walking on ice for 70 KMS over seven days is not going to be easy for me. Especially for a heavyweight like me who demands more oxygen from the environment. However, I need to get this fear out of my mind. My likely target dates for this is either January 2018 and January 2019.  I would assign a probability of 0.8 for this. I have to get this done this by 2019 as most of the ice is going away owing to general climatic changes.

Have an article featured in ‘The Hindu’ Sunday Magazine

I have been a regular reader of Hindu Sunday Edition from my post graduation days. Some six of us used to take turns in reading The Hindu, and we would have a debate on the articles featured in the Sunday Edition. Except for the debate, reading The Hindu on a Sunday continues, and with the improved version, it takes almost 25% of my waking time on a Sunday. I have always liked the depth of research and the choice of words. However, I do realize this is going to be a herculean task for my superfluous language skills, and I will give this a probability of 0.1.

Have a book published by traditional publishing houses

As you are aware, I have self-published two books, and I have three more in the pipeline. Once in three months, Amazon credits my account with twelve rupees. That means someone bought my book. But I want to get one of the traditional publishing houses to publish my book.

The title I have in mind is ‘ Why Ordinary is Great.’

I have a fair idea of how the publishing industry works and yet again given my lack of originality; I shall assign this a probability of 0.3.

Practice a life of poverty for Seven Weeks

I borrowed this item from the stoic philosophers. I want to leave home without anything in my pocket and get back to home after seven weeks without anything. Call it a zero sum game if you have to, but I think this will help me realize what matters in life. I have done enough background work and mental preparation for this. However, a signoff from the folks at home is pending. I think that is not going to happen for next six years. I shall assign a probability of 0.7 to 0.8 for this.

Coup De Grace in Madikeri

I have seen and felt the rains in most parts of India, but somehow I find the rains at Madikeri, combined with the lush greenery and clouds touching that greenery, extremely inspiring.  I have been asking my friends on how to own a hut in Madikeri, and they always talk about in the scale of acres. Well, I do not need an acre, I just need enough space to feel the rain and wake up watching the clouds touching the greenery. I would love to convince my tribe to move there and spend time in those harmless debates, but I am not a good salesman. In my view, the probability of this happening is around 0.5.

To Summarize,

Item Perceived Probability
Marathon 1
Drive to Singapore 0.6
Entrepreneur 0.2 – 0.3
Contribution towards breaking digital divide 0.8
Chadar Trek 0.8
Hindu Article 0.1
Traditional Book Publishing 0.3
Practice a Life of Poverty for Seven weeks 0.7 – 0.8
Coup De Grace in Madikeri 0.5


That is all folks. It did not amount to ten, but if I can do five out of the nine, I would consider myself done!

You would have noticed the obvious in these, but the not so obvious hard fact is that I simply do want to make that dent in the universe! And do not want to equip myself doing that.

I have made peace with ‘The average Joe’ inside of me.

I hope you get to do this fun exercise and if you do, please do feel free to share with me.

My daughter asked me yesterday at the dinner table, “Appa, what you want to be when you grow up?” (I am not sure what that meant!). In other words, she was asking me what I would do after ten years.

I could not answer her, but a ludic loop of walking amidst nature, reading, writing, giving my time and skills without expecting anything in return, is something that I would like her to see me living.

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)