I am qualified to talk about an addiction. A positive addiction.

An addiction that

  • Removes negative thoughts from my system
  • Makes random strangers smile at me for no reasons
  • Helps me in establishing my priorities or lack of it for the day
  • Helps me reconnect with nature
  • Get me more vitamin D
  • Makes me re-discover old melodies
  • Helps me find new song genres
  • Helps me listen to interesting conversations
  • Helps me in absorbing audio books
  • Gets a free dose of unadulterated oxygen supply
  • Helps me eat whatever I want guilt-free
  • Helps me go to bed in time
  • Helps me get up in time

Guess what?

It is simple.

Walking. It has taken me around four decades and more to discover this addiction.

But over the last couple of years, this has become a habit. A snapshot for the last 5 months is as below and that would possibly convince you on why I am qualified to talk about this.


This has become like a drug to me now. Even for a day, I miss it, I feel that I have lost out on something.

All, I can say is I was and am obese. If I can do it, anyone can do it.

Go, fall in love with the nature around you.

You will discover all that is good that is stored deep inside you.


All this talk of layoffs and finger pointing.

Did we complain in good times?

Why crib in bad times?

What is the insurance?

Stay Curious. Learn Continuously. Challenge yourself.

Realize work is fun and life becomes simpler when you realize for most things in life “Buck stops at you”

Be battle ready on a daily basis and increase your level of play in peace times.

Remember – Chance favours the prepared mind.

Okay, why is it is a vice?

Because, I do not follow any of the above. But I shall definitely not blame the organization.

Prophecy Delayed

I sometime feel the pronounced AI apocalypse is overstated. People are not losing jobs to automation or anything at least in this country. It is more due to fundamentals of business not being in place. Couple of examples that nothing has changed in a while.

Recent rains took away the internet from my home for couple of days. The broadband provider did not have a clue. Their phone lines could not be reached and were down.  The SLA’s of 48 hours were breached. Even after registering complaints, no one could get back on when this could be fixed. Only after my wife when to the corporate office to give them her piece of mind , things started to move and the next day it was fixed miraculously. These guys despite all technological advances did not have a clue for close to 72 hours on what was wrong.

The next day, I visited a famous departmental store chain and shopped something. I was amazed to see that the lady at the counter was patiently writing the bill in register. The systems were down. No one complained. I bought some three milkshakes , each priced 35 rupees. She had written the total as 70. Out of my honesty and terrific mathematics knowledge I told 35 * 3 = 105. She smilingly told, Sir – “This is buy two, get one free” and my mathematical intelligence took a hard hit. It was not written anywhere. Systems were down and still she managed to know this item had a discount! God Bless her.

I remember by child hood days. My dad used to have this running battle with the electricity folks after the rain cuts off the electricity wires. The baton has been taken over by wife who has this running battle with the Internet providers after the rains, where the cables are cut.

Billing from department stores were always hand written and still that continues in some way.

Old is Gold.

Welcome, self driving cars.

I will not be around to realize the fun.

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)