I will be frank.

I am not good at asking for money.

I have done it in the past once as part of a group and was pretty successful at it. Also, we stuck to the commitment we made.

OK, I will get to the point.

I am running in the TCS 10K marathon.

I want to raise money for Isha Vidya. The project brief is here.

I want your help and grace to raise money for the education of five kids for a year.

I want to raise around 75000 rupees or more.

As you would possibly know, I hesitate to ask you to do anything that I do not do. I have been sponsoring a child for close to five years now. The latest report card for the child is available here.

I humbly request you to contribute in any way you could. No amount is small. No amount is big 🙂

I also request you to share this amongst your friends in social media and help in the smooth sailing of five kids for a year.

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

There could be many ifs and but in your mind and even as I write this, there are so many ifs and buts, however, I have seen the schools, students and everyone in that system are doing their best with the resources available to them. Most time it is necessary to take that leap of faith and place our trust in something bigger than ourselves. I am taking that chance and I trust you will take that chance owing to the cause.

All I can guarantee is that I will finish the marathon, and promise some surprise personally curated e-goodies to you.

Just like you, I keep my promises.

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)

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