I have got some responses to the question of remaining ‘P’s. Many of you have sent in ‘Passion’ and couple of you have sent in ‘Peace.’

Also, I thought I should not stretch this like a typical TV soap opera and end this like as you see in some movies where all pieces fit together suddenly.

The first three ‘P’s were

  • Pride
  • Practice
  • Persistence


and the remaining ‘P’s are


  • Possibility
  • Purpose
  • Passion
  • Progress

Possibility brings to you a ‘can do, ‘ and a ‘will do’ mindset. In any situation, you converge towards what is possible and work towards a solution. Quite frankly, when you go to your bosses, they do not want to know what’s troubling you. They want to know what’s troubling you and the solution to that. The art of possibility thinking gives you a framework, where irrespective of how deep a well you are stuck in; you are looking up.

Between Passion and Purpose, which do you think comes first? I have begun to realize ‘Be passionate’ is a useless jargon. I think the purpose which you work for gets you the passion and hence passion shall always follow the purpose. In my personal experience it is impossible to fake passion, but give me a purpose that I identify with and passion just follows. Passion is the force that drives you towards the purpose, and if you do not have a purpose, it is not possible to find the passion.

I have believed that if you do not measure something, it is impossible to improve. So if you want to get better at anything in any sphere of your work life, you need to start measuring your progress. The adage, you cannot improve what you do not measure, holds good is my view. If we do not measure progress, we might be stuck on a hedonic treadmill and start enjoying that state subconsciously.

I think the seven ‘P’s gives a path to be harmonious with what we do in our day to day profession.

What do you think?

As a Professional, do you bring all the 7 ‘P’s into play into your day to day work life?

Do you have a different view?

Share your thoughts.

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)