This seems to be a season of AI, ML, and Robots.  When I was working, one of my best guys always wrote in his performance appraisal saying that he wanted to work in Robotics. He had a vision that possibly I did not have and since he was stuck with a moronic boss like me, he could not take his vision further.  What I am saying is, that he had an idea of a future, which I could not grasp.

No, No, No. Beating up my own self is not the point of this article.

I went to my usual hairdresser the other day. Incidentally, I could not see even one strand of black hair. Signs of aging or wisdom. I prefer the latter, but it is actually the former. I need to come to terms with that. My wife keeps saying, please dye your hair. I always reply, nothing against nature and though I have scientific evidence to prove that my view is right, I restrain, because in a debate with my wife, there is always only one winner.  I am not saying who it is.

Again, I am digressing.

My hairdresser likes me. It is because my specs are simple and he can get my haircut done with anyone. He can assign his rookie to me. This time it was no different. His instructions are like

Number 3 side, Number 4 center, Leave some little in front. Shaving. Head Massage.

He rolled out the instructions and went on to take care of customers who appreciate his art more.

So I sat there wondering.

Is this a job that can be done by Robots? Will a Robot replace the hairdresser?

I can at least count 20% of the people who drop into my hairdresser to have the same dull specifications like me. It might be in some parts of the world this is already in place.

I think it is not complicated to put in the necessary classifiers into a Robot and make this possible for cutting, shaving and for even the head massage.

I have to talk about the head massage a bit. The guy who does the head massage for me takes out all his frustration for the day with my head.  The way he bangs my head and taps his fingers makes him look like a percussion expert and quite specifically Ghatam. I do not complain as I have been instrumental in liberating the frustration of one human being for that day.

Coming back to the Robot, while it is possible to design it, my ability to trust that Robot is questionable. I have read that Robots are going to do unassisted surgery, but there the anesthesia helps me. However here, if the Robot decides to apply a little more pressure on my Adam’s apple, I reach my nirvana faster, with my eyes open and that is something I may want to avoid.

You might argue, how can that happen.

Well folks, why do you think they named it Machine Learning?

On a serious note, it is possible that I may see this kind of robot sooner than later, but will I be comfortable walking into this kind of place?

For now, the answer is a clear “No” as a consumer and “Yes” as a producer. A clear case of vested interests.

This is one area where I would not like to eat my ‘Dog Food’.

Just because we can, should we or will we?

Read a serious piece on this here.

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)