After 34 weeks, you would be surprised with a title like this.

I read about newsletters and the general advice is I should not be writing if I do not have a TPOV (Teachable Point of View).

I have to say I owe you an apology.

I do not have a TPOV and still, I hound you week after week.

I am generally wondering why I do that.

I know only 10% of people read what I send.

However, I wish to clarify few things.

I write because of the following reasons

  • Share experiences irrespective of the nature of the experience
  • Share perspectives that put me in a state of cognitive dissonance or in simple terms, what I preach is not in line with what I practice
  • Gives me certain clarity of thought on certain ideas
  • Brings out a certain aspect of me that I did not realize was there.

It is more of a selfish self-discovery process. Sometimes I do get preachy, but that is not because I want to be, but because I have found, that I realized a certain truth in a hard way and maybe I do not want everyone to go through that painful path.

I realize that I have too many mistakes in my writing, but my excuse is that I am not a native speaker of English and those are errors in translation of thoughts from my native tongue to English.

The remotest hope I have with the weekly hounding is the following

  • Bring a smile to you even for a nanosecond
  • Explore yourself a little better. Put you on a path of self-discovery where you find your game of cricket (Sir Neville cardus quoted that Cricket is a game of glorious inconsistencies. I found that thought applicable to me and may be you will also laugh at your glorious inconsistencies and be peaceful with it)
  • Put your thoughts to paper (As my professor used to say, If Zunder can do it anyone can do it!)
  • Motivate you to start and stick to a habit just by acting( I read somewhere someone saying Execution is Strategy or I think there is a book titled like that!)
  • Compile a carefully curated mix of writings that are inspiring and help us challenge our status quo in all aspects of our life.

I feel happy, when one of you comment, one of you write back or send me a personal message about something I wrote or one of you take a counter view on what I wrote.   To be honest, there are not many instances of that and I do think why is that, but then I get to be fine with that and continue.  I remember what was etched into me when I was possibly in seventh standard or so. “You have the right to……….”. I know you can fill in those blanks !!

I had set a target of 52 weeks and I have just 17 more to go after this one. I am sure if you can get across 34, another 18 would be a cake walk!

Do continue to help me in discovering my glorious inconsistencies.

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)