I thought the women’s day just passed and I thought I should write something thematic.

This article is part fun, part fact, part fiction. I leave it to you to decipher which is what.

One of my friend in a WhatsApp group asked. What is this ‘Women’s day’ ? as if other 364 days are Men’s days!

Before I start, let me correct the title.

I do not need to celebrate the women in my life.

They are pretty much capable of doing it themselves and never have failed to do that as well. That is a compliment. I hope they get it.

I am influenced by three Goddesses in my life Saraswathy, Mahalakshmi, Kamakshi (Mother, Wife, Sister) and controlled by one smiling assassin of an Angel ( My daughter Nandini). If you know some background, there was a very successful old movie which debated who amongst the three were the greatest! I can surely live without debate.

To me, above all, this is my late maternal grandmother Jayalakshmi who shaped my formative years. She shall stand tall amongst these Goddesses for me.

For two-thirds of my life, I grew up without knowing about so many varieties of days. There seems to be now A to Z days. This seems to be a very recent phenomenon. Someone has done a very effective marketing job of making these stereotypical days and raking the moolah.

For all of us,

  • Worshipping our mother
  • Loving our wife,
  • Respecting our sister(s)
  • and
  • Adoring our daughter(s)

are naturally embedded in the culture.  It is not an option that we exercise on a particular day. It is simply the way we were taught to live. Interchange any of the stuff in bold and still they hold good. Any relationship has seasonal winds and we do have our tough moments and sometimes it will look like we only have tough moments, but we do sail past them. I am confused on what kind of parts of speech (Worshipping, Loving, Respecting, Adoring) fall into, but I can only say they are simply non-negotiable instruments.

At times I feel, by pronouncing loudly things that are subtle and things that should be subtle, we are losing the nuances of strongly held foundations.

I think there are versions of a  widely circulated story in the social media on ‘What women really want’ and I subscribe to that. The summary is

“What a woman really wants is to be in charge of her own life.”

and I have seen this in one woman who gave me the foundations and the three women who continue to nurture and challenge me! I can bet my daughter will be no different. I also can safely say it is not the ‘Men’ in their lives that they should credit, but it is probably because of their own upbringing and what is probably inside them.

It should not surprise either me or you if the above statement is denied vehemently by the women in our lives. It is quite natural.

It is like me saying I ate only very little.

I have learned a lot from the women in my life and continue to do so, but the very best lesson that I learned is the appreciation of the problem they introduced into the data structure and algorithms class as a puzzle. You could read about the puzzle here.

Am I drifting?

To end with a punch line, with men a formulaic existence is possible, with women you cannot even dream of that and the ‘Ab kya hoga’ (what will happen now) moments of suspense is what spices up our day to day life. It will just be plainly boring without those moments of spontaneous surprises!

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)