Couple of years back I wrote about Freedom and Responsibility.

Currently I see a storm brewing as my Son’s exams are nearing. After all, he is not into any of life’s crucible moments. It is just he is taking his 7th standard exams. I have demands for wi-fi access to be removed and satellite TV payment not to be done.

I do see the merit in the proposal as I feel the environment around contributes to one’s well being and it is possible my son has not reached an age where he can exercise freedom with responsibility.

However the conflict with-in me arises out of the following

  • “If I do remove the Internet access and TV (which most likely I will), am I not removing the choice that is available to my son which is to ‘exercise freedom with responsibility’ ?
  • Am I not succumbing to the stereotypical tried and tested path that every parent has successfully deployed ?”

What is the message I am giving to my son ?

You have not exercised freedom with responsibility. So your freedom goes (Sounds too depressing to me. At 7th standard he has no business other than Enjoy Maadi! (Having Fun) )

I look back at my life. I did not have the variety like today, but nothing was cut off or denied. We simply did not have something and inherently understood that we cannot afford some things.  Even in the so called life changing (mine did not change) ten plus two exams I always watched without fail ‘Mahabharatha’ which was aired by the uncomplicated DD, exams or no exams.

So another conflict that I need to deal with is.

How can I deny something to my son that was not denied to me ?

What is the value conflict ? The value that I hold is , I should not curtail the freedom and impose the proposed measures. I am personally against it, but evidence does indicate that if I do not act now, I am not providing the right kind of environment to a youngster who is yet to come to terms with these complicated terms.

Value becomes a value if you are prepared to die for it. That is what a professor at IIMB told me once.

I value my freedom a lot and if it has been taken away in any sense, I become extremely grumpy and generally unsettled till I get that back.

I do not know if there are any easy answers. People just say , you go to do, what you need to do without getting into these kind of complicated dilemmas. But for me it does not sound so simple.

Even the great Lord Krishna, while closing the Bhagavad Gita, closed with

yathecchasi tatha kuru”

“Do what you wish to do”.

If the almighty did not force HIS way in, why should I ?

If this all sounded like some moral gibberish, let me present you with materialistic gibberish.

If I shut the Internet and TV, when do I get to watch what I want to watch.

I have reduced my watching by a significant factor, but I would like to watch when I want. I do not want it to be taken away from me.

I think I have earned that  right and the right to retain that right.

Forget the Value Conflict.

Selfish interests shall prevail.

What say you ?

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)