My preference has been listening to regional songs (Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu) in that order.

I had a cursory introduction to listening to English songs by my Dad. There used to be these LP records and he kept on playing Boney M and ABBA. I did not understand a word at that time. Not that it has improved any further. However I enjoy Ra Ra Rasputin and I see a boat on the river.

After that it was sister who influenced me to listen to foreign songs. I think she used to listened to Ricky Martin’s Un,Dos,Tres a lot. Still she sends me pointers to very different kind of music. She is also the one who introduced me to Adi Shankara’s Chidananda Roopa rendered in an impressive style by sounds of Isha.

After marriage, my wife tried very hard to influence my taste with Boyzone’s it’s only words. After spending few years with me she realized that I was hopelessly unromantic (Can engineers be romantic in real life, I do not know. One day I will write about that) and she lost her taste for good English music. She returned to Lalita Sahasarnamam.

Three of my colleagues tried to give me a crash course on different kinds of English music and they failed miserably. I never got the difference and it did not matter. One of these days I may get the hang of it.

I do not understand the semantics of any kind of music, but I can recognize good music when I come across it. A case in point is when I was in one of my projects at Gujarat decades back ,me and my friend took one night off to watch Hum Apke Hein Kaun , I told my colleague at that time, one of the song, mayane, mayane will go on to win award and that song incidentally won the national award that year. That was two decades back and my knowledge of Hindi at that time was close to Nil. I have slightly improved from that position.

Like I can appreciate beauty when I see it (decades back it used to be on the sidewalks of MG road every weekend!), I can appreciate good music when I come across it irrespective me being an ignoramus on that subject.

Please ignore the slightly self boasting nature of the above two paragraphs. Need to slice those in some ways in some of the articles to preserve my self-worth!.

I cannot get to the point of this article soon enough.

After a long hiatus, my kids re-introduced me to English Music. One of the songs they were repeatedly listening was ‘Lean on’. The lyrics can be found here and the video here.

I was just curious about one line

“All we need is somebody to lean on”

I have two views about this line.

Everything in this cosmos is interconnected and interdependent and I think very successful relationships stand testimony to this above line.  It’s always good to know that you can do anything and return to a person where you would be accepted unconditionally. No questions asked. We all generally have in life  that one person , we will go to lean on. Till my father was around, I had that someone to lean on. Not sure on that now.

However, on the other hand, I think about this line being repeatedly heard by my kids at impressionable young age. The good thing is that they will realize the significance and value of relationships and possibly understand the interconnected nature of the cosmos. They will possibly understand the real meaning of ‘all for one’ and ‘one for all’.

But leaving metaphysics away, there are times where they are going to find that they have to dig out of the shit hole they dug for themselves. I can see that they are going to dig that shit holes. I do not think there is anyone who escapes that. There are times where they are going to feel absolutely lonely (not the bliss of solitude) and I can guarantee that in those moments they will not find that ‘somebody’ to lean on and those are the moments that are going to shape them.

If you have doubts and which I think you should have, a recent article titled ‘The kind of character Millennials need to succeed’  goes back to what was uttered during world war II by Charles de Gaulle explained

“Faced with crisis, the man of character falls back on himself. He imposes his own stamp of action, takes responsibility for it, makes it his own.”

You could argue, there would always be HIM or HER (the mighty almighty) to lean on, but that is a subject for a different day.

So, should I pass on this possibly flawed logic to my kids ?

I do not think so.

Let them enjoy the music.

What do you think ?

Do you need somebody to lean on ?

Enjoy Maadi. (Have Fun.)


PS 1: My analysis of songs and lyrics are not ending here. Watch out !!

PS2 : If you did not enjoy the article, you got a playlist that you can name ‘Kichidi’.