Last week I had ended with a question.

Most of you would have got the answer rightly.

I think it is not only applicable to Software Engineering, but to any profession in general and that is the reason the title is different.

Robin Sharma talks about this aspect in every video of his. Here is the quote from him

Even if you clean toilets, do it with pride and love. This summer I met a man who cleans toilets at the Johannesburg airport. He beamed “welcome to my office” as I entered. The place was flawless. His passion was palpable. That man is my hero. And he reminded me that all work has dignity and honor.”

Drucker likes to tell the story of a Greek sculptor from 500 BCE who was commissioned by the city of Athens to construct a set of statues to ring the top of a building. (Entitled “Pursuing Perfection,” you may find this story on October 1.) The sculptor toiled for months longer than expected, making the backs of the statues as beautiful as the fronts. The city commissioners, angered by his extra work, asked: “Why did you make the backs of the statues as beautiful as the front? No one will ever see the backs!”

“Ah, but the Gods can see them,” replied the sculptor.

The answer is there in the above photo as well . This is a photograph that circulated on the social media a lot.

What do you think is the emotion behind everyone in the photo ?

In my view it is Pride. It is Pride with a capital ‘P’.

Did someone not say ‘All pride goes before a fall’ ?

However, keeping that aside I think Pride is a necessary characteristic.

I do not think we can be indifferent to what we are creating or helped creating. Somehow we chose to be more modest than required about it.

Most times I think we have underplayed the pride, thinking that our work should speak for itself and also the upbringing has conditioned me and probably all of us into some kind of misplaced humility.

I do not think we cannot be indifferent to our work irrespective of the nature of the work.

If we have to endure and be successful in our profession, even by our own yard stick we cannot get there if we do not have this quality of ‘Pride’ within us.

What do you think ?

Do you agree we need to slightly pep up our Pride just in case we have not felt it in the recent past ?

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)


PS : On a slightly lighter note, my waist size does indicate that I have swelled with pride!