Congratulations, a new personal record for walking

Farthest Distance
11.10 km

Longest Duration

Most Calories Burned
1040 cal

Largest Elevation Climb
110 m

Congratulations, a new personal record for walking

Fastest Average Pace
8:27 min / km

Congratulations, a new personal record for walking

Farthest Distance in a Week
16.28 km

Congratulations, a new personal record for walking

Most Calories Burned in a Week
1656 cal

Farthest Distance
9.11 km

Congratulations, a new personal record for walking

Most Calories Burned
861 cal

Largest Elevation Climb
85 m

Longest Duration


Apart from these as well

  • 33rd Fastest (5-7 KM) -02.36 from best
  • 2nd fastest (8-14 KM) -00.21 from best
  • 5th fastest (13-23 KM) -04.55 from best
  • 4th fastest (0-1 KM) -03.20 from best


Hold. Hold. Hold.  Before you write me off, allow me to explain.

The above are just snapshots from my daily app that I use RunKeeper for recording, tracking and reminding about my daily walks. You could me as a follower of the movement called Personal Quantified Self. (PQS).

As you would realize the statistics above is mind blowing in some way.

Not because of the statistics themselves, but for its ability to point something unique in my daily walk.

Even if I had crawled that day, it would say that you crawled the fastest between the 1st and 2nd second of the crawl!.

I get this momentary thrill every day seeing that the app does deliver some insight that motivates me and announces the congratulations for the day.

It brings me a smile for two reasons. One is that it tells me that I have notionally achieved something different and also I wonder what would have been the specification to the developer who did this. ‘Find some damned insight in anything that the person does for the day and congratulate them for it’ .

I have to agree that the developer has done a fascinating job.

I am extremely conservative in my appreciation towards anything or anybody including appreciating my own self (Not that I have done anything that warrants appreciation!).

I am looking at this whole insights from the machine with a new lens. I do not believe in this temporal machine driven insight as the results are very well in the mirror for me to see.

However, there seem to be two schools of thought. One is find something to appreciate everything and the other is the slightly old school of appreciate only when it is earned.

I am confused on this and also a bit divided on this, but I think this app has given me a new tool to increase my motivational or appreciation vocabulary in my day to day life.

As an example, this is a typical scenario at my home.

“My wife gives me tea and goes back to start cutting vegetables for breakfast. Typically, even before I start to sip the tea, she would need a feedback on the tea and she comes back with the knife with one hand(Slightly raised and pointed at me) and demands to know how the tea was”

I think I have found answers to what used to be Hobson’s choice.

My answers would be inspired from my PQS app

I will now have the option of saying

“Congratulations. A new record in making tea.”

The tea leaves were boiled 11 degree greater than yesterday.” and possibly zillion other daily insights that I can get.”

The knife rests back on the vegetable.

Live another day.

Have Fun (Enjoy Maadi)