Why did I pick this book ?

While generally researching about many things I came across this quote that stuck me

“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are”.

The quote was uttered by the Legendary Basketball Coach of UCLA John Wooden , who lead them to 88 straight wins and whose ideas pervade throughout this book. He was also named ‘Coach of the Century’ by ESPN.

Also his ted talk was very impressive.

What do I like about the book ?

Things that look like common sense, but which we continue to ignore are clearly elucidated. Goes about to articulate nicely on what it takes to be successful in all aspects of life

What is one interesting idea that I learnt ?

“Do the work”. “Effort, Effort and Effort”. Nothing shall escape that.

Paras or Quotes that I liked

There is a section called “Is winning the only thing” ? which is reproduced below. I liked it.

Mr Vince Lombardi is supposed to have said, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”. Well, if he said that, I disagree. I believe making the total effort is everything. And that’s all I ever wanted and all I ever asked from myself or my players.

It’s all you should ever ask for or expect. Understand that you won’t actually ever become the best of which you are capable. That’s perfection. We can’t obtain perfection as i understand it. But we can work, and work hard, toward obtaining it. If you do that, you will never lose, in sports or in life.”

How long it would take ?

3 -4 hours

Parting Words

Couple of months back, I covered a book snippet about ‘Leading’ by Sir Alex Ferguson the legendary football coach.

Two different sports. Two different people. Many things are similar in what they both said and one thing which stands out is what possibly our teachers taught us in the moral science class in days where moral science used to be a subject in our high school.

It boils down to this one single line which both take great pains to repeatedly affirm


Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)