• What is the motivation behind putting a man on Moon or creating a colony in Mars ?
  • What is the motivation behind the relentless cancer cure or eradication of Malaria ?
  • What is the motivation behind a 1 rupee shampoo sachet ?
  • What is the motivation behind a 4000 rupees chottu kool ?
  • What is the motivation behind bringing down the cost of H1B vaccine to sub 1$?

Keeping aside market dynamics or the race to be the first, which is a better environment for sustained creativity ? Abundance Thinking or Constrained Thinking ?

Or more specifically limiting this to your own self

what has been your most creative moments ?

When you felt you had everything or when you felt you had nothing or when you felt you had very little room to manoeuvre ?

Did you feel ‘More is More’ or ‘Less is More’ ?

Do you think ‘The environment in which you reside or your upbringing play role’ ?

What do you think about the ‘Role of the Society’ ?

I have always wondered why are we producing very little of anything original ?

Ninety percent of what we consume is mostly foreign.

This is my continued area of pain. We can replicate anything or mostly anything faster, better and cheaper, but to produce anything original we seem to be lagging. There could be exceptions, but when we are going to produce something that has universal appeal (Coke, Pepsi, Apple, Google,Samsung, Xiaomi, KFC,Amazon, Mcdonald,…).

Is it because of our conservative self or lack of abundance thinking ?

Even personally speaking, I seem to be limited in thinking when I even imagine abundance. (Not that I had the luxury of abundance anytime).

However, force me with constraints and I seem to do somewhat a better job, not that I have produced miracles, but I seem to function better. A linear programming model always seem to get the better out of me.

If you have grown up playing cricket in your childhood, you would have definitely played with runs being calculated only on one side and that too mostly on leg side. That is why you will see some great Indian cricketers being very good on the leg side and that is because they managed to create some patentable cricketing shots within that constrained environment!

What do you think ? What gets the best out of you ?

Constraints or Abundance ?

Whatever it might be, I wish we as a country can create something that can be a truly household name in the entire planet .

I am positive that we will get there.

Enjoy Maadi (Have fun)