All pride goes before a fall.

You Can’t manage what you can’t measure – Peter Drucker

I pride myself on that I am a hard worker. However, something inside me said ‘Boss – You are not working as hard as you should be and this is one more of your subjective self deception that you put yourself to’

“In god we trust, everybody else brings data to the table.” – NRN of Infosys.

The only way to battle out with a inner voice or anything subjective is by furnishing data. I thought I shall take a leaf out of NRN’s quote and will prove my inner voice wrong.

Before you go further, take a guess

Who would have won ?

Me or my inner voice ?

You guess it right.

As you would have expected and I would have least expected my inner voice won.

I am presenting here the data and I was shocked to see the results.

This data represents my activity log of twenty six days in November. Every night I religiously recorded in a note book .

Guess what topped the chart ?


Yes. Sleep topped the charts day wise and even took the top slot in a month. Any combination I looked at it, Sleep took the top place.

Well then, so much for the hard work baloney that I prided myself on.

I think when someone said that Startup is a 24/7 journey, I think I just got the numbers mixed up! Somehow I assumed that I had to work for only for 7 hours in a day!

Here are three charts that gives some insights .


This is self explanatory. My inner voice clearly won. Though it looks like a close race between Work and Sleep, Sleep takes the cake as that is mostly uninterrupted. Work does include random calls that come in, glaring at the omnipresent mobile screen responding to whatsapp messages and in that sense the number of hours for work should possibly be reduced by ten percent.

Daily rituals include  the usual download once, morning cup of tea which I generally like to have it in peace, upload thrice in a day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) , reading paper and some sporadic time with family and date with God on Sundays (Have never missed that as well). The only thing which is enforced in family time is that dinner has to be together at table with everybody in the home. No escaping that irrespective of the mood of the house being a war zone or peace haven. On weekends lunch and dinner together.

The monthly insights did not vary as well.


This is no different. One third of time goes to sleep.

How consistent have been with my overall activities. The following graph mentions that. So if something is 100% it means that I have not skipped that activity even for a day.


I am stating the obvious.

It is clear from the above graphs , what I place the highest importance.

I have not missed sleep, not missed a morsel of food for any day and not missed meditation for a day. So I can conclude I do take care of my physical and mental well being a lot, substantiated by the fact that my morning walking record has a 60%+  consistency.

Work itself does not speak for much, as for the past 14 month I do not add to the GDP.

In the final analysis if I have to conclude, I have to say that I stand humbled by the data. I am not as hardworking as I thought myself to be.  This is a summary for myself from my time log analysis.

  • I am ok with my meditation and walking both in aspects of time and consistency
  • I am pleasantly surprised on how I have my TV watching has reduced drastically
  • I am ok with my reading consistency, but not with the time spent in reading
  • I am not ok with my writing consistency and quantum of time
  • I am notoriously known for my Sunday afternoon naps and I intend to continue that.

Ideally I would like to cut down sleep by a hour daily , decrease the ‘Do nothing’ time and divert it to work, reading and writing in that order.

The ideal distribution that I want in a day is

Activity Time in hours (Daily)
Work 9
Reading 1
Writing 1
Meditation and Morning Walk 2
Sleep 7
All other activities 4

Not sure how I will get the above, but I started on a false note in December. I thought of logging all this in a app and wasted a week trying out various apps. None of the apps do it the way I want and now I need to switch back to paper mode.

OK Inner voice – This round you win. I will prove you wrong in a while.

OK Sleep – Here I come to embrace you !

What about you folks ?

Do you want to start measuring or are you already measuring ?

I would be keen to know.

Overall this has been a very simple exercise which I did for fun, but as you could see, data has no emotions and has checkmated me.

For the more curious, here is the raw data if you have the heart to look at it. I wanted to do some nice and funny infographics, with this but lost my patience mid way.

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)