Last week I wrote about the tribe Mentors and why they are a much celebrated and respected tribe.

But without mentees, there would be no mentors and  I am just writing on what makes a good mentee.

A good mentee has the following characteristics


This is one quality that a good mentee should have. They should possess a never say die spirit, have a sense of relaxed restlessness towards what they have set to achieve. Take two steps forwards, one step backward, but keep moving. A sign of a good mentee is someone who will not be comfortable with the ‘Status Quo’ and continuously challenge the ‘Status Quo’.

Receive and act on Critical Feedback

Mentees should have the knack to understand and act upon critical feedback. Mentors act in your best interests and at  times they want you to tear the mask you are wearing. It will sound like an attack on your personality, but this is just another test to see the stuff you are made of. We all know how steel gets made.  It is not easy for the mentors to be harsh, but when they are it is up to the mentee to realize that the feedback is to improve their own selves and mentors do resent this moment. However, given an option between being politically correct and taking the risk of being disliked, they chose the latter and mentees should be able to absorb this.

Talk Less, Listen More

Mentors are a tribe in demand. So do not take their time for granted, irrespective of your relationship status.  In the time available, entice the mentor to talk more and allow them to finish their point of view.  Mentees should listen for what is spoken and what is possibly not spoken as the mentor’s zones of silence contains as much information as their words of wisdom. In the end a summarization and next steps generally helps.

Challenge the Mentor

A good mentee should be able to challenge the mentor. The relationship is a mutual  two way street and the best relationships are those which gets the best of both.  Mentors also have a bias towards mentees who challenge them and raise their Status Quo. So  it is not only the mentor challenging the mentee, the reverse is possible as well and generally they view it as a bout between two equally well qualified players.

An element of surprise

Mentors like everyone are human and humane at their very core being. So throw in a bit of appreciation, gratitude packaged in some form and humour them occasionally. Do not make everything formal and official. They love to have some fun and indulge them in some fun at random intervals.

Also please keep in mind, this is a relationship that transcends need and typical task based.  Always, remember that the path that mentees walk on today were made easier because of the mentors

A other name for mentors would be Gurus and just as you will not forget God and Parents, remember , it pays to remember your Gurus.

However I do wonder most time, if not for Arjuna, would The Great Lord Krishna , brought out the celestial Bhagavad Gita ?

Ponder that on what seems to be a nice cloudy weekend

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)