I think my affinity towards quotient and reminders is increasing  because I am having an extremely hard time understanding and teaching fractions to my children.

I happen to chance to begin one day of this week with the remix of this classic ilayaraja tune and coincidentally ended that night with this Rajkapoor classic and that prompted me to write this.

I consider casablanca as the subtlest demonstration of romance in the movies.

This should give you enough proof that I understand romance to an extent.

In my mental role play, I imagine the protagonist in the above, and I know it sucks. Obviously , if I imagine myself to be the protagonist, I dare not imagine anyone else except my wife to the female protagonist. (That was for the record!)

I convince myself by remembering what Aristotle said, “It is the mark of an educated man is to entertain a thought without accepting it”

Also five out of seven days in a week, the star sign column in the daily news paper says, Romance is strong on the cards and it has been that way for the past thirty years or so. I have been attempting to figure out what on earth does that mean and am still to encounter one day like that. Law of averages fail miserably here.

My wife most times mentions that I approach Romance as I approach a  project and she apart from other normal zillion complaints that goes into my deaf ear, complains about me being absolutely unromantic. I cannot help it, as I view everything as something to be done and done with.  I can schedule in my calendar ‘Be Romantic’ from 7 to 7:30 daily ! and get to doing that as well possibly. Who knows, that may be a good beginning.

In my view about Romance there are two types of romantic’s possibly attributed to the individual personality types of extrovert and introverts. The extrovert’s romance is more pronounced and demonstrative, where as the introvert’s romance is subtler and restrained.

Unfortunately like in many other situations, introverts are mostly mis-understood.

Assuming a setting like monsoon in coorg (which the film Mungaru Male so wonderfully captured), the extrovert pairs will rush out to throw themselves into the rain, where as the introvert pairs might want to sit under a safe place, just listening to the music made by the clash of the rain with the ground and a pair that is a combination of extrovert and introvert , will possibly work out a fifty-fifty combination.

What will I do in such a setting ? The right answer would be the following

I would like to retire to my sofa, switch up on the TV, watch a cricket match, with an infinite supply of Hot Potato chips. Nothing gives me more bliss than that.  In this context I am neither an extrovert nor an introvert nor an ambivert!.

I am just plainly indifferent.

As I am writing this Sanjeev Kumar through the voice of kishore is yapping out ‘Tere bina’

Talk about not so curious coincidences !

Sorry folks, I cannot define Romantic Quotient.  I mis-led you with a wrong title!

I can accept, understand and appreciate Romance, but I cannot find that within me .  I feel my wife would be ok, as she has lived with zillion complaints and zero responses. Zillion Plus One should not make a difference to her nor to me.

As in many other things, I have not given up yet and I shall keep searching that elusive thing called Romance. May be one day, my wife will see the Romantic in me!

Oscar Wilde said it best  “The very essence of romance is uncertainty”   and irrespective of whatever breed of Romantic you are , you will agree to that.

I will live with a ‘Divide by Zero’ error.

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)