I am sure you would have mostly grown up hearing some stories about the Mahabharata. I am one of those who used to be hooked to Ramanand Sagar’s Mahabharata in Doordarshan when it was aired some decades ago on Sunday.

As I grew up and got into the dangerous state of analyzing the stories instead of enjoying them, I delve deeply into Lord Krishna’s character and wonder if he were God or Human ?

I continue to wonder about that and came across this book couple of years back. I find it taking an interesting view on why Krishna did what HE did and also the dilemmas faced by other characters in the Mahabharata.

It talks about Duryodhana’s Envy, Draupadi’s Courage, Yudhishtra’s Duty and Remorse, Arjuna’s Despair, Bhishma’s Selflessness, Karna’s Anxiety, Krishna’s Guile, Ashwattama’s Revenge and the Dharma that comes out in Mahabharata.

The author presents an insight into each of these characters and it does strike me that we are all one of these characters or take turn being one of these characters in our day to day life.

At times I do feel Mahabharata is a story about what goes within our own selves at various stages in life and the battle field of Kurukshetra is nothing but our own minds.

Duryodhana asks Krishna as he lies dying in the battlefield

“Aren’t you ashamed of striking me down so unfairly ?”

Krishna had set the stage for Duryodhana’s defeat to Bhima. He had gestured Arjuna to indicate to Bhima to strike him on  thigh, as Krishna realized that Bhima could never defeat Duryodhana in a fair fight .

So what did Krishna Answer ?

Did HE answer ?

Was HE right ?

This and many other questions , this book examines and presents an effective argument on why Dharma is always subtle.

Pick up this book, if you would like to understand your own behaviour under certain conditions and examine it with what the great characters in the great epic had to go through.

I was discussing this book with one of my friends , and he remarked, possibly the book should have been titled as ‘The difficulty of being God’.

On a related note to this book, you might find this short video interesting

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)