Suppose you are driving from Bangalore to Chennai, which of the following do you generally prefer to know ?

I have driven 100 kilometres


I need to drive 240 kilometres more

If there was an indicator, which would you prefer?

A indicator showing

1,2,3, …..



If you get onto a treadmill on a regular basis (not the hedonistic one) what program do you chose ?

Do you press the start button and wait for it to reach your desired number or do you set the desired number and wait for it to become zero ?

Have you ever wondered about this ?

As for me, I am most comfortable with a step down counter

I prefer 240 KMS to go , rather than 100 KMS done.

In the treadmill, I have seen my motivation level increasing with a decreasing counter.

I have noticed that in case of a step up counter, I feel a sense of relief, when the number is reached and in case of a step down counter, I feel a sense of achievement.

Even when launching satellites, you would have noticed a step down counter.

I wonder is it because, how much more to go is a far better representation than how much ground has been covered .


Is it because, how much more to go is a future focused function, whereas how much has been covered is a past focused!

What are your biases ?

Just do this as a curiosity experiment, in any of your endeavors and see what pumps you  up more and share your findings. Why do you feel the way you feel ?

My biases are strongly towards the step down counters.

Unfortunately my bank balance seems to be aware of my biases !

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)