I got the above forwarded image in whatsapp.

Kind of set me thinking.

I feel that we all somehow love the past more despite the difficult times we have had with it.

In moments of reflection be it with family, friends, peers, bosses, mentors, it is generally

‘How we used to ….’

‘Those were the times …’

‘We had little, but we were extremely happy…’

‘We created something out of nothing’

I am equally a guilty party as well.

I also tend to drag any conversation with the above crowd to the glories of the past.

I watch my thoughts linger to the past and despite the sporadic instances of pain, the past does bring back a smile.

I see my kids and I see they enjoy the present more. They just do not have any memories of the past. For them it is today and only today. They seemed to have taken Master Oogway’s advice in Kungfu Panda ‘Yesterday is History’ seriously and live by that. In any conversation, if I attempt to bring back anything of the past , they refute by saying ‘That is over. Why are you bringing  it’?

Stepping back from my thoughts, I can only say that

Nostalgia quotient is a function of your age and your ability to manage the present.

The higher your age, the higher the nostalgia quotient.

The lower your ability to manage the present, the higher the nostalgia quotient.

So one formula could be NQ = (Age/Manage the present).

Where Manage the present could be taken in the scale of 1 to 10. 10 means you are in total control of your present and 1 means you have absolutely no clue on managing the present. If you want to be more realistic, multiply it by time available to reflect in a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 represents no time and 10 represents you have all the time.

I can say this only for myself.  Nostalgia gives us some kind of temporary relief and break, but despite its greatness, will I go back to it ?

I think the answer is a clear No.

A more clearer example would be, I moved from Chennai to Bangalore and I am still in love with both the cities and still thoughts do linger about Chennai.

But will I go back to Chennai ?I do not think so.

Will I continue to stay in Bangalore ? I do not think so.

Because I think life presents its chances and I choose to take chances that suit me and I can safely predict as I escaped from Chennai, I shall escape from Bangalore as well. I live by the adage, “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”

Well coming back to the forwarded image that started this line of thinking, I can only say it would not have affected me. I have gone in a school bus and I have gone in a friend’s Audi car. The only thing I did in both the vehicle was to sleep .

You see,  I have this god given gift of going to sleep in sixty seconds in any moving vehicle.

What is your Nostalgia Quotient ?

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun).