I can be classified as asocial if there is a term like that. I generally dread going to anyone’s house. It is mostly because my tastes are not generally civil enough to be accommodated in all kinds of houses or social settings. I like to go to houses, where they give me a couch and till the time I leave, they do not disturb me or get perturbed on why I am so aloof. It is just that I have activated the “do nothing” box in my brain

In some of these houses the moment you enter you are presented with a laundry list of choices

  • Do you want to have coffee ?
  • Do you want to have tea ?
  • Do you want to have juice ?
  • Do you want to have …. ?

In some houses, the following sequence holds based on where the house is

You will be given a glass of water , followed by the most common drink that is generally the norm of the place and season. No questions asked.

That set me thinking. I am more comfortable with the latter set of houses and I dread when a choice is given.

Because of this reason I avoided taking coffee/tea in flights.

Choices confuse me.

I took the first job I was offered and stayed with it till they got really tired of me, got into the colleges where I was offered a seat first, married the first girl I was introduced to in an official setting (she has managed to stay with me till now. God bless her), prefer a typical banana leaf meal to a widely spread buffet,  bought the house that my parents and wife surprisingly agreed upon, sent kids to the school that were next to my house  and still continue them in the same group of school and the list goes on. Most choices were made on behalf of me and I was absolutely programmed to that kind of life.

Now suddenly  I find myself in a state where I have to exercise choice either for me or choices on other’s behalf I get really nervous. Now sample some of these questions (my silent answers to myself in paranthesis) from various corners

Do you want Idli or oats for break fast ? (As long as there is breakfast, I am blessed)

Do I look good in red or blue ? (I am color blind)

Should we go to a movie or temple ? (Can I continue to sleep ?)

Do you like your son or daughter ? (I can anticipate that both will increase my blood pressure  in the coming years. The foundations have been laid for that)

I follow a 3D strategy for all these and similar questions . They are

  • Defer – Keep an extended silence.
  • Divert – Change the topic to something
  • Derail – Present an impossible alternative

Deep down, I think I am an abdicator of responsibility. I do not want to exercise any choice either for myself or others.

I am better if someone works with me the Livosky Substitution principle of SOLID object oriented principles, recommended to me by a close friend.

It has a sub-principle called “Tell, don’t ask”. I am possibly better with that rather than running my cerebrum towards exercising choices.

What do you think ?

Do you think choices are a boon or a bane ?

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)


PS : I also have this observation to make. In houses, where you presented with the laundry list of choices, I would be lucky if I get water to drink and it proves my theory that choices are meant to confuse me only !