I had read this book couple of years back and read it again in the past week. Dr. Vinay, apart from being the co-author of this book is a good friend and advisor to me.

Typically I have believed

  • Innovation is something binary. Either you have it or you do not have it.
  • They are random one-off events that change the course of history
  • They are more individual driven
  • Difficult to get a process and framework around Innovation
  • Creating a culture around it is next to impossible

The authors go about breaking each of the above systematically and cite concrete examples from local and global context on how Innovation can be built in any place, by practicing certain methods repeatedly.

They offer a eight step path .

  1. Lay the foundation
  2. Create a Challenge Book
  3. Build Participation
  4. Experiment with Low Cost at High Speed
  5. Go fast from prototyping to incubation
  6. Iterate on the Business Model
  7. Increase the Batting Average
  8. Create a Margin of Safety

Though I personally beg to differ on some aspects like creating a margin of safety and the effort invested in building participation, I give my benefit of doubt to the more qualified authors.

This book is appealing, because Innovation need not be heroic and need not have a make or break approach.

It can be seeded, nurtured and cultivated and above all it can be sustained.

Go grab the book and devour it.

I am sure you will go back to it again, as I did.

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)