You could skip this week’s edition of this section.

This edition is about my personal view on where ‘Amuz’ stands and what I feel about it.

I will summarize the learnings till now in the next edition.

I will raise some questions and answer it . No one has ever asked me about it.

How will W-IFE(Wireless In flight Entertainment) be adopted into budget airlines ?

I believe that W-IFE will  become an eventuality in all airlines. It is only a matter of time. Airlines will venture to offer both walled garden content and open internet content. We are kind of 50K USD away from having an Airline certified product and we are still bootstrapping in some vague ways. I feel if somehow we bootstrap to have around 150K USD to spare, we shall have a competitive offering to the budget airlines. However by the time we reach 150K USD at our pace, there would be other players who would have entered the market and entrenched it. In short, the evolution of internet above the clouds will have the same evolution as Telecom took from walled gardens to OTT players. In the interim (5 to 7 years) , money shall be made by all people in the value stream, (Airlines, Content Providers, Advertisers, Gaming providers) if they just decide to increase the level of experience for their passengers. ‘Idle Time’ is waiting to be ‘monetized’ and it is only imagination that can stop it from making it happen is what one of my friend Amod keeps saying.

How about Amuz in Buses and Trains ?

I believe this still has potential waiting to be explored. India has possibly the largest transportation network in railways . State run buses and private buses the opportunity is enormous. We have seen the numbers and they are attractive enough for any player. The argument of seamless mobility for video streaming is absolute baloney. If you wish to take up any ‘G’ challenge of any network load a streaming video and move from ‘International Airport’ to Devanahalli. If you cross one minute of streaming without interruptions it will be a pleasant shock to me. So what will possibly make a difference


  • A hotspot with sufficient storage that can be managed remotely and serves 20 – 25 1Mbps simultaneous streams in a bus and 50 – 65 1Mbps streams in a coach in a train
  • A content provider who is willing to take the game head on providing the breadth and depth of content, keeping context in mind

Even, if you do not believe me, tell me why youtube and hotstar are offering offline viewing of their content.

They understand the streaming capabilities of myth called seamless mobility in our current networks and networks for some time to come.

How about ‘Amuz Everywhere’ ?

 ‘Largest Content Distribution and Delivery Networks’ for ‘The Last Mile  was our philosophy and still remains my philosophy. However as  I traced the journey over last ten weeks, I find having a vision and strategy without the capability to execute is tantamount to fooling myself . So , currently I have moved this to a background thread and started to focus on survival.

It may sound ironical, but in the final run of analysis to establish the Largest Content Distribution and Delivery networks for the Last Mile, I refused to walk ‘The Last Mile’ and instead chose to do a strategic retreat.

The heart says ‘Carry on’, the head says ‘Take a step back, be detached and move on’.

At the moment of this writing, it seems to me that ‘head’ is leading this debate !

Thanks to everyone for staying with me on this for the last eleven weeks on this. I hope you would have gained something from this continuous rant.

Next week, I will conclude this with a summary of tools and checklist that you could use effectively.

So far the journey has dealt with areas which I have been deeply and personally involved. However there are other things where I have not dwelt yet deeply, but in any case necessary for you to have a hold. I shall cover those after the next week. They shall be around

  • Components of a Business Case
  • Bottom up Market Sizing
  • Pitch Deck Preparation
  • Forming Founding Teams
  • Financial Planning
  • External Money V/S Bootstrapping
  • Elevator Pitch

Enjoy Maadi. (Have Fun)