• Have you ever turned up to make an important presentation and finally ended up realized that you did not make an impression at all ?
  • Have you been called up to put off a customer situation and ended up worsening the situation ?
  • Have you ever attempted a competitive exam and despite preparations, failed at it ?
  • Have you ever learnt to attempt a new skill like music, learning a new language, swimming and gave up midway ?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of this question, how did you react after the event ?

1.    Did you find excuses to justify your non-performanc

2.    Made a vow to yourself to put in additional effort to get better the next time ?

The author in this excellent book introduces ‘Mindset’ .

If you have chosen (1) you belong to what the author calls as ‘Fixed Mindset’

If you have chosen (2) you belong to what the author calls as ‘Growth Mindset’

An express overview of the two mindsets are presented below thanks to ted ed lesson


Fixed Growth
Goals Look smart Learn
Values Efforts No Yes
Response to setback Give up Work Harder
Academic Performance Lower Higher

You could watch the ted talk by author on this here

There is one shift that I am conscious about after reading the book. When discussing with my children on things related to academics, sports, events and outcome, I do discuss the value of the effort that is going in and they at times are beginning to evaluate themselves on the effort they have put in. But I am not sure if they have come smart in answering to me. I ask my son ‘Why you scored so low in language’. His response is a very cool ‘Chill appa. Next time I will put in more effort! and score high’. Not sure if that is a growth mindset or a smart answer.

I feel this is a good book with enough research to convince you that irrespective of where you are in any aspect of your life, you can get better.

I am positive that you will get some awareness into your own mindset as well.

Go grab it.

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)