Srimad Bhagavad Gita – Chapter Two – Verse 46


Courtesy : http://www.bhagavad-gita.org/Gita/verse-02-46.html

This verse and one more verse that I shall possibly introduce later is my ‘go to’ verses for most things in my life and this is one book I dig into in any troubled moments. I may never get the essence of this book, but I will never stop trying.

“You have the right to actions alone, not to its fruits” was etched and reinforced by my Dad continuously. It has became so much ingrained into me that for any situation that any one puts me into for a solution , I get away by stating this. In a different view this has become my elevator pitch for getting me out of trouble and my often mis-quoted punch line to everyone who keep my counsel.

But I wonder , ‘Do I really live up-to it?’


  • I send the weekly news letter and wait for twenty four hours to see if the engagement rate and open rate has improved!
  • I walk regularly and secretly take a look at the weighing machine which does not seem to have any mercy on me!
  • I write a note on some school debate topic for my daughter and expect her to win the debate.
  • I used to post something on facebook and in the twentieth second expect it to reach some few hundred likes
  • I pitch my startup and expect term sheets to be lined up in my inbox
  • I make some interesting combination of milkshakes and dosas for my kids and expect their appreciation
  • I mostly remember birthday of everyone close to me and hope someone remembers my birthday
  • I drop and pick from Airport so many connected and unconnected people to Airport by way of duty and yearn for someone who will wait for me at the airport
  • The list goes on …………

As you rightly guessed, none of the fruit happens.

So am I wrong in expecting the fruits ?

Going by the strictest interpretation of the verse, I should not expect at all.

But I repeat all the actions relentlessly.

So am I compliant or non-compliant to the verse ?

Not yet.

May be, just may be one day the expectations will dissolve and that is the day I can pat myself on my back !

Till then, I will ask the great Bhagawan to Swalpa Adjust Maadi. (Slightly bear with me)


Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)