If there is a book that will take you twenty minutes to read and take twenty years to implement , this book qualifies.

I do not think even in next twenty years I will get it right.

It is one of those books you get on the pretext of reading it out to children and children get the ideas faster.

But you get knocked out.

It is simple and profound. Like most simple things, they are extremely complex to realize in our daily life.

The book begins like this

“How old we are isn’t what counts.

The two biggest questions to ask in life , at any age, are:

Are most of the people I know glad that I am here ?

Am I glad that I am here, myself ?

Anyone who can honestly answer


to those two questions most of the times have learned to ‘Behave’ in this world and lead a happy life.”

For the second question, I can safely answer yes. I shall reserve my own pronouncement for the first question!

The book advocates four essential values that we should cultivate. They are

  • Honesty
  • Fairness
  • Strong
  • Wise

Though this looks like values that used to be taught in erstwhile moral science classes now seem to be absent from schools, I quizzed myself how would I rate myself on those four values. On an absolute scale, I will fail miserably, but that is why we always say there is an element of subjectivity to these things. Here is my subjective scale

  • Honesty – Kind of
  • Fairness – Mostly
  • Strong – At times
  • Wise – Sporadically

Values becomes values, when you are prepared to die for it and unfortunately I am not willing to die yet.

Go grab this book on the pretext of reading it aloud to your children and find something about yourselves.