Everyone of you had possibly heard about the Marshmallow test. You can have a peek at video of the test here or Google it yourself to read the science behind it.

In short what research says is that subjects who cleared the marshmallow test in early stages of their life, grew up to be more successful in their later stages of life.

The science behind it is called as Delayed Gratification. I also imbibed this into one of my good friend, Syed, when we did the Oxfam hundred KM walk. We were in the last  stretch and were resting before starting for the finishing line. Volunteers were giving away noodles and Syed went ahead , grabbed one and before he could put in a spoon of noodles into his mouth, the cup slipped his hand and he could not taste even one noodle.

That is when I gave him my infamous lecture about the Marshmallow test and the beauty of Delayed Gratification.

He looked at me with a vengeance in the eye and he told me two things.

  • I shall never forget the “Marshmallow test’ and “Delayed Gratification”.
  • I shall never forgive you for choosing the timing of this lecture

Sometimes I do wonder how would I have fared in “The Marshmallow Test”

Let me think. Place before me any of these items

  • A bowl of crushed curd rice or Bagala Bath with Kerela Vadu Manga (Tender Mangoes) (Though I am detached from this now!!)
  • Steaming Hot Filter Coffee
  • Garam Masala Chai with the flavor of Ginger
  • Roasted Peanuts
  • Mangoes Alphonso especially
  • Masala Puri on the way back from office or now from any place I go
  • Boiled peanuts
  • Cut raw mangoes with slice of chilli powder
  • A true Mumbai vada pav
  • Steaming hot button idlis in boiling sambar
  • Pepper Rasam
  • A slice of lime pickle especially in the forefinger along with Chilli Vada
  • And the list can go on and on ….

and I would happily give Marshmallow Test a flying kiss.

If I have to forgo the above and be considered successful in any stage of my life, I would be rather deemed unsuccessful.

I have had this test of telling myself, especially in the evenings , when I am taking a walk, do not give into the temptation of eating roadside Masala puris and every single time I have ended up befriending the Masala puri person. Every Masala Puri  person within a radius of two kilometres of my house is my friend. When I go he will give me a warm smile, (one of those rare breeds of people who actually smile at me) and when I finish he will give me an extra puri filled with pani to show case his affection for me!

So, between succeeding in the Marshmallow Test and Affection, I chose affection.

Delayed Gratification can be delayed. Let me deal with the small little pleasures of life.

Well,  does that make me a hypocrite ?

I shall allow my good friend Syed to judge me on that.

The little things in life are what really do count
Without them around to what good does life amount?
I will tell you now what God simply will not forgive
Grovelling on knees before Him when you could have lived. – James Harris

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun).