An idea

How do you define it ?

Is it something that possesses you ?

Is it something that keeps you awake at night ?

Where does it originate ?

Is there an eureka moment ?

I can go on and on like this. I also wish to confess that I am not in the Newtonian line of thinkers.

If the apple had fallen, when I was under the tree , I would have eaten it and waited for one more to fall

I am terrible at deriving causal relations

I think I have to blame the folks at raspberry foundation for needlessly kindling my curiosity.

I assembled a raspberry pi based media server in my home. I consolidated all my music, movies and photos into one big NAS storage , ran a DLNA server on the raspberry pi and made it accessible to everyone in my home any time, without writing a single line of code.

I still have this running without any issues and that should be obvious to you from the above sentence. “I did not write a single line of code”

Also at the time I was taking a lot of MOOC courses, was learning some elementary physics from Khan Academy, because I just wanted to understand why I never understood anything of that when I was young.

Unfortunately, it was one of those days I sat thinking and wondered I have good Internet connectivity and am able to watch all this wonderful stuff, what happens to people who do not have any kind of connectivity. Despite the best efforts from everyone in the world to connect the unconnected , more than half of the world remains unconnected. That got me thinking about bumblebee . Though it got  many excited and everyone did their best in evolving it, it still has not reached the scale it possibly could reach. However, I have not yet given up on it and for some strange reason, anything related to education , remains close to my heart.

If you had read my article on the different type of walkers, you would have observed, that I am good at doing everything except what I am supposed to do. In a similar vein , when I hopped on a back to back journey in a bus to Chennai from Bangalore and back it kind of hit me many people where consumed with their smart phones in some form or the other. I shall classify them as I did for the walkers in a later article, but somehow I felt here was yet another application I found for the raspberry PI.

That was the seed for the birth of AMUZ which stands for ‘A to Z’ of movies and music. I did not christen it AMUZ and I called the first version as ‘OurTV’. I wanted to call it as ‘Namma TV’, but then changed my mind. Yet again, for the initial version there was no line of code written.

I had sounded this idea to everyone in my office for a year or so and yet again, everyone said it was good, but since it had no relation to the domain that we were primarily focusing on , it had no takers or sponsors.

Day to Day pressures and inertia kept me away from thinking about it and this idea went into dormancy.

Over a period of time, as my ‘Why’ became increasingly dominant and I decided to move out, I thought , the idea of  AMUZ could be taken from being dormant to dominant.

So if I could summarize , the following were the reasons for my idea

  1. Blame it on the raspberry pi folks
  2. Blame it on my taking MOOC and Khan Academy courses
  3. Blame it on my travel to Chennai and my peskiness in watching what others do
  4. Blame it on my ‘Why’
  5. Blame it on me believing that I needed something for my ‘Why’

Scientifically I would not know how to put the origination of this idea , but this is how it happened for me. If “Blame” sounds “negative” substitute it with “Credit”

I would like to reiterate that  the Idea did not give rise to the ‘Why’  and the idea was just one application of the ‘Why’.

I think this possibly sets the context for the articles that shall come in the next three weeks

Can an Idea be a product ?

Can a product be an enterprise ?

What is the journey from idea to product to enterprise ?

What did I do right ?

What did I do wrong ?

What could I have done better ?

Where I stand in my journey and what are my possible next steps ?

If you do manage to stay with me in this journey, you will definitely be amazed at how I broke every one of my sacred rule of getting the rubber on the road and how I had one standard for evaluating my idea and different standard for evaluating other’s idea.

This last nine months, I am having a rude awakening about my own self (not all of is bad) and I have this faint hope that me sharing this with you shall somehow help you to understand your own selves a trifle better or a context to examine your own style of thinking.

Like I ended the Why, you could expect an actionable framework about evaluating your idea and jumping ahead with it , in this series.

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun).