“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.”

― William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure

 In our lives many a times we have attempted to do something, but stepped out of doing that , because we were either unsure or uncertain of the consequences.

 Can you recollect the times

When you wanted to say something in a group, backed off,  because you were afraid of what everyone will say or think ?

You wanted to do bungee jumping, but were afraid to take the leap. I am guilty of that and my excuse was that owing to my weight, rather overweight, the rope would snap off!

You called in sick for an important presentation

You had an idea, but were afraid to go ahead with it, as you were unsure of the consequences

If you were guilty of any of the above , did you possibly realize that it could be uncertainty holding you back.

 The Author provides an eloquent argument about uncertainty

 “Visionary innovation and creativity cannot happen when every variable, every outcome, every permutation is known and has been tested and validated in advance. You cannot see the world differently if it’s already been seen in every possible way. You cannot solve a problem better if every solution has already been defined. You cannot create great art if every way to stroke a canvas, connect a note, or grace a stage has already been inventoried, categorized, and laid bare for all to see. If everything is known and certain, that means it’s all been done before. And creation isn’t about repetition.”

 I found this book interesting as it gives an interesting framework to identify our subconscious inhibitions that stops us from creating or the attempt to create new things.

 It also helps us with tools that we can use to nurture our existing abilities and eliminate those subconscious inhibitions.

 Out of the ten tools that The Author gives for managing uncertainty, I found the ‘Build your hive’ was most appealing to me. It is something that I have managed to put in practice as well.  It is about having a group of mentors, experts, peers who shall help you with constructive criticism on your ideas. Of course, they shall pass their judgements and sometimes mercilessly as well, but you often end up coming up better because of those interactions.

 In our daily run, we forget to cultivate and nurture this hive.

 However this hive would probably be the best investment you ever made.

 The other tools are quite good and practical as well.

This book is an involved  and engaging read and it would take you more than couple of sittings to absorb and finish.

If not for anything else, grab it to become aware of your subconscious inhibitions.

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)