Styrofoam or Ceramic Cup.

Continuing on from where I left off last week, I am possibly getting to a clear understanding of the ‘Why’. The ‘Why’ despite all the supplementary reasons was and is based on to run on a little experiment on my own self and find answers to

“Am I worth my salt?

The next question that naturally came to me

Should I jump into it ?

Obviously no.

I consulted my spouse, mother , sister, friends, mentors of many years. The reactions were mixed and the top response was ‘Tread with Caution’. There was also an exasperated ‘If that is what you want to do, go ahead’. However, discussing with all of them , indirectly also made me feel that these are people who will accept me for nothing. Me blessed ?

I did miss that one person, my father, who would have said ,’Go after whatever you want. I am there’. Me Unfortunate ?

One thing I had realized when talking to them, when I reflect now was that I had made up my pig headed mind. Nothing they would have ever said would have made me to go back on my decision. Me Autocrat ?

Well, I did think about my  kids education, they being in their primary education and had a lot of ground to cover. So I decided that I will kind of insulate them from this experiment of mine for three years.  I planned a bit, diverted some savings and gave up complete operational control to my wife.

On a lighter note, if I did not turn up for the next three years, my family would not have missed me.

Once I settled this,  I kind of broke it to my close peers and team who had brought me till here. The reactions were mixed from relief to disbelief and they carried it in their stride pretty well. This rather than anything else was the most toughest part of me as I had always felt that I was the collective sum of all these people who were with me close to more than a decade. I shared many things personal and professional with them and in some strange sense they were more family to me than family.

I had many night outs with them and incidentally my farewell began the same way with a very exciting all nighters’ with people whom I relied upon for decades and continue to rely on.

Next farewell was from my office, who had extremely kind words for me and knowing my penchant for running away to Himalayas, gifted me with an exhaustive camping kit , which will any day help me to move me to the Himalayas and settle there.

My team, yet again, pulled off a surprise on me, giving me the grandest farewell to me and to double it up called my family as well, and showered me with gifts that I cherish. I generally devoid of feelings towards many things material, but the watch they gave me I wear it with pride.

I still do not think I was worthy of that kind of grand farewell and there is no way for me to pay back.

I called up my close friend and told him very proudly about all these different farewells. Like all true friends, he got me to the ground saying ‘Dude. You have been there for twenty one years. They are just making sure that you do not return even by accident!’.

I kind of deviated in the last couple of paragraphs, but however out of context it might sound, I made it to where I could , owing to the people around me and  I wanted to acknowledge that before I continue my journey of personal rant. Anything I do, people first will be my motto.

To reiterate, ‘The Why’ was and is to conduct an experiment  called “Am I worth my salt?”

My Last Working day was 31/07/2015 after 21 years , 1 month , and 4 days navigating through 5 different kind of name, entity and management changes of the organization that I stepped in .

I was made to feel that I possibly earned the ceramic cup!

Today is 31/07/2016.

Where Am I ?

Stay Tuned.

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)