I have been walking a lot in the last one year. I had a goal of walking 1000KMS in 10 weeks and I managed to reach around 500 KMS in 5 weeks. I have evidence to prove that. I would not have walked that much in the last five years. I suspended the goal after 5 weeks consciously. I will write about my experiments with personal quantified self later.

I have three preferred places of walking . One is the veterinary science campus near my house, next is the JP park and the next one is Sankey tank Malleswaram.

The following observations are from my walks at Sankey Tank, Malleswaram.


  • The Focused – These folks know how to carry themselves. They have a pace, rhythm, and a purpose to their walk.
  • The Fitness Freaks – These folks are the pushers. They want to show their muscles who is the boss and they are pretty successful at that.
  • The Familiar – These folks look like people whom you have been associated with in some other way as well. They will give a nice smile and go ahead.
  • The Strugglers – These folks are struggling with their weight and they want to win that battle with their bulging bellies. I can be slotted here.
  • The Baby Joggers – These folks look like they are attempting jogging. I somehow feel a tortoise will beat them. But they have the motions of jogging similar to the prayers in temple some people take up in their quid pro quid for God.
  • The Just Married Romantics – These folks are the enthusiasts. The couple will be together, happy , smiling, joyful and pacing themselves gleefully. Well, it is the honey moon period. Enjoy folks.
  • The Courting Romantics – These folks sit at the benches one hand on the other hand with no exchanges between them. Even after I have completed couple of rounds, I find them in the same posture. All the best , folks. Enjoy your moment. It is going to be interesting ride ahead.
  • The Selfie Obsessed – These folks take around 12 selfies in the 700 metre path and possibly post it to 14 social media outlets before they finish one round and they finish one round only.
  • The Regulars – These folks have formed walking as their Habit. You know the time by their presence. No need to consult your watch.
  • The Dress Connoisseurs – These folks are perfectly dressed for the walk. Their shoe color matches their dress color. The observations are gender neutral. I think they should possibly have a high degree of self esteem.
  • The Devoted – This will be mostly elderly couple. They walk with the ‘MS Subbulakshmi’ Suprabatham or Vishnu Sahasarnamam in loop mode.
  • The Divided – These folks are mostly elderly couples, but kind of asynchronous in their walking. It is the mostly the ladies who lead the pack and the gentlemen unwilling make an attempt to keep pace with them. The gentlemen are clearly in the walk by force, not choice.
  • The Political Analysts – These folks are typically three to four elderly gentlemen, who have an opinion on what every the prime minister, chief ministers , and ministers should be doing.
  • The Information Honchos – These folks analyze all the leading dailies English and Vernacular and dissect every bit of news.
  • The Gang Leaders – These are mostly local bigwigs , who keep a step ahead from their followers and their followers humouring them constantly.
  • The In-Law bashers- These folks depending on the age , exchange their positions , of their in-laws. The mothers’ in law of their daughters’ in law and with due respect vice versa.
  • The ‘New Arrival’ Celebrators – These folks take their kids who have taken their first step in walking and prepare them to be the Roger Bannister’s of the world. Been there, done that. The joys of parenting in the initial years are loaded with fun. The perils of parenting are a distant away still
  • The Yogis – These folks carry their own morning pranayama in the way have been they have been initiated in their respective schools of yoga. Despite the standardization, you realize there is no standardization. Every school is different and everyone’s application of the standard is different.
  • The Right of the path – These folks are the only folks who help me to understand myself better. I have promised myself not to get angry at anything, but these folks test me on that. They walk as a group taking the whole walking space and do not allow you to overtake them on either side, despite repeated instruction on the path way to make ‘way’. I promise to myself do not ‘shout’, do not ‘shout’ and manage to nudge them in an exasperated fashion.


I like the diversity. Without them, my walk will be boring.

Stay Tuned.

What kind of walker are you ? I am positive that you might add more to this list.

Enjoy Maadi (Have Fun)