The Winter is Coming

If you follow Game of Thrones, you know what this phrase means.  This phrase has been now often repeated by the startup ecosystem as well. I will come back in later editions on what this ecosystem is, but personally for me also this phrase seems to be apt. As I look back into my eight months of start-up experiment, I am figuring out on a daily basis more about myself rather than anything more. The journey I talk about is me and my own trials and tribulations.


The  picture possibly captures my current state of mind !

I had a cushy job by all means, everything was going pretty well. I definitely was not the rock star, but to give credit to myself , I was not stagnating either. I was doing my best to lift the status quo and though I did not help cross the chasm, I managed to get incremental improvements going on a day to day basis and believe for myself to have put the ladder to cross the chasm.

So, what was it ?

Was it

  • Arrogance that I could do anything I wanted ?
  • The seed of ‘Building World Class’ Products ?
  • Leaving behind a legacy ?
  • Make Money Faster ?
  • Work for yourself ?
  • Not being a ‘Cog’ in the wheel ?
  • Figuring out how far I would go ?
  • Ignorance of not knowing my own limits ?

I have never felt so vulnerable in my entire life and this journey is going to reveal myself about myself.

Am I preacher or a practitioner ?

Too early for the Jury to be out on this.

For the moment, I am clinging on .

I am writing this straight from the heart and as I do the surgery of my own heart as I breathe, I hope it shall help as a guide to navigate to your own inner selves, and help you discover some questions or answers that come up once in a while. I have to come to believe that the only race I run is with my own self.

Simon Sinek says start with the “Why” ?

What was my “Why” ?

I hope I can answer there in the next iteration of my Startup-Journey which I intend to update every fortnight.

Enjoy Maadi. (Have Fun).