I shall begin with an apology. Having your email id with me does not give me the right to intrude into your inbox. So please feel free to hit the unsubscribe button now or anytime in the future. I will be sad to see you go, but, I shall understand. You do not need YAUG (‘Yet Another Unsolicited Gyan’) into your already stuffed lives. If you decide to endure, I shall strive to be worthy of your time, though I never make any promises.

Carpe Diem – This is what my long time boss, friend, mentor and guide of close to last two decades, Arun Tanksali, told me when I left  my pretty well paid corporate job and experiment something on my own. I looked up ‘Carpe Diem’ and it meant ‘Seize the Day’. However it turned out to be ‘Seizures for the Day’ for me for the last ten months. However I liked what he said and thought it would be apt to name this news letter as ‘Carpe Diem’. More on ‘Seizures for the Day’ in the upcoming editions of this news letter.

I intend to keep this news letter a weekly affair and I hope to have a mix of careful Curation, interesting nuggets, featured contributions, personal musings, and occasional diatribe aimed at no one.  I shall chose breadth over depth as I have held  belief in the notion ‘Variety is the spice of life’ .

I also realize that most times I start things on a wisp of inspiration and typically that inspiration is short lived. This might also turn out to be like that, but you see, I am making a beginning, and if I can get to issue 52 with at least one person still subscribed to this news letter, then I would not consider this as an yet another failed attempt. Well, you guessed it. My standards are abysmally high !

I expect this news letter to be a lazy reading for you on a weekend and so it shall hit your inbox by Sunday morning every week. It shall give you enough to unwind and ponder.

The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time – Bertrand Russell

I hope you enjoy wasting your time on this.

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If not, please do not hesitate to unsubscribe.

The lengthier introduction is owing to this being the first issue of this news letter. I shall make it crisp from the next one.

Enjoy Maadi. (Have Fun)