I am not qualified to talk about it. The moment I close my eyes for five minutes I doze off. I checked why that happens and it is attributed to a lack of self-awareness. I would have to accept I was humbled. I had always thought, if I get into sleep just after closing my eyes for five minutes, I was like Arjuna, who was also Gudakesa, the one who has conquered sleep. I think I misinterpreted. I think sleep has conquered me.


There seems to be a wave of mindfulness and meditations related articles, workshops, courses, practices everywhere. Even organizations are orienting their people into this kind of courses and workshops. Google has a program called ‘Search Inside Yourself’ and that has transformed itself to https://siyli.org/

I think the below explanation given by Randy Komisar in the book Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields gives a good overview. He states

“It’s a process of stripping myself bare of all of the pressures, all of the barnacles that accumulate around you every day as you interact in the world – the pressures, the expectations, the ego, the things that ultimately make your vision unclear. And every day, my meditation is about moving those, getting absolutely clearer in that moment and open, allowing myself to open backup, to walk out into the world and to have it happen over all again”

Personally, when done regularly I could see the ‘Daily Pause’ making me more aware, involved in everything I do and rejuvenates me. It could give you a slight peek into ‘Hey you are not your thoughts’ and if you start delving deeper regularly, I think you would possibly get into some dangerously productive zones.

The question of ‘Can I inculcate this into my daily fast paced life’ may arise in everyone. I am not qualified to answer that and I found my friend and mentor Dr.Vinay offering an experiential course on this very subject. The details of the two day course can be found at http://www.catalign.in/p/mindfulness-on-go.html. Please note that neither Vinay asked me to advocate about this program nor I am qualified to write about what transformation Vinay can bring. In my personal experience of working with Vinay, all I can say is that he held a mirror to my own self, which at times I found difficult to digest and when I did slowly digest I felt better. See if you want to give it a go. I can assure you it is worth the time and money spent.

Let me figure out why I got the interpretation of Gudakesa wrong!

Enjoy Maadi.

All the best.