Week 108 – You can’t get good at something without the freedom to be bad at it first


9 Learnings from 9 Years of Brain Pickings
Supply creates its own demand

Screw Finding Your Passion
Embrace what you already enjoy

Anthony Jeselnik on How to Be Funny By Being Mean
Be mean for the right reasons

Learning To Embrace The Agony Of Failure
Accept reality and adjust accordingly

Two Product Principles Often Forgotten
You can’t get good at something without the freedom to be bad at it first

Week 107 – Comfort Kills Productivity


Purpose Is the New Bottom Line
There is no line item in the balance sheet for this

Do Uncomfortable Things Regularly to Get Used to Leaving Your Comfort Zone
Comfort Kills Productivity

Alice Walker on What Her Father Taught Her About Lying and the Love-Expanding Capacity of Telling the Truth
Construction is more difficult as a rule

How To Pomodoro Your Way To Productivity
One Thing at a time

10 Core Beliefs of Extraordinarily Resilient People
Take criticism constructively not personally.

Week 106 – Use Pain as your Teacher


20 Lessons Of Design
The first mover doesn’t always have an advantage

The Internet May Be Changing Your Brain In Ways You’ve Never Imagined
Milliennials are even more forgetful than seniors

How to Disagree: Amin Maalouf on the Key to Intelligent Dissent and Effective Criticism
The right to criticize someone else has to be won, deserved

The Two Types of Knowledge
True experts recognize the limits of what they know and what they do not know

How To Eliminate 90% Of Your Regret And Anxiety By Thinking Like A Roman Emperor
Use Pain as your Teacher

Week 105 – Constraints Inspire Creativity


True Leaders Are Not Heroes. True Leaders Create Heroes
Great Leadership can inspire heroism

Lessons from the Woman Who Built Squarespace’s Customer Care Team from 1 to 184
Establishing customer care early is a very public gesture

Fear Of Failure May Ensure It
Launch and Learn

The Age of the Cockroach
Constraints Inspire Creativity

Forget “Should” and Live the Life You Want to Live
See judgment for what it is