Every week for the past one hundred weeks or so, I have been compiling best of the articles from various sources. These are in general articles that appealed to me and helped me build some perspective on various aspects of life. I suggest you could possibly subscribe directly to the source mentioned in these links. For me it is just a log of the best reads in that week to help me go back to these compilations to derive some inspiration! Once in a while I accidentally manage to write some original stuff also. Here is this week’s compilation. Trust is gives you a useful reading break during the week

Bruce Lee on the Power of Repose and the Strength of Yielding

The highest skill operates at an unconscious level

Physics Doesn’t Negotiate

A Classic case of Cognitive Dissonance

Secrets To Success: 6 Tips From The Most Successful People

Be Consistently Good

Wayne Dyer On Leadership

Your Erroneous Zones

The Emotions That Make Us More Creative

Embrace the inherent messiness of creative process