Week 75 – Get the most of your space

How to craft a compelling storyline for your company
Ensure consistency with buy-in from your team
Great Quotes for Hard Times
They tried to bury us, but they didn’t know that we were seeds
The 5 Awkward Truths About Professional Speaking
There Is No ‘I’ In Speaker
Bob Mathias on How to Master the Art of Self-Confidence
Step into the empty space
Get the Most Out of Your Space – Secrets from The Designer Behind Airbnb and SoundCloud
Simple is better. Clutter Kills flow

Week 74 – Can you be happy for 100 days ?

Through a lens of gratitude: Lessons from chronicling 100 days of happiness
Can you be happy for 100 days ?
Are you mentally tough ?
Remaining fully focused in the face of personal life distractions
How Innovation Helped Save A Company
If you are going through hell keep going
What Do I Do Now? The Startup Lifecycle
The Search to Build phase happens around 40 people
The Arc of Company Life – and How to Prolong It
Opportunity Driven Leadership

Week 73 – Are you emotionally Intellignent

The People’s Platform: An Essential Manifesto for Reclaiming Our Cultural Commons in the Age of Commerce
The truth is subtler: technology alone cannot deliver the cultural transformation we have been waiting for
Real-life business lessons from The Challenger’s Almanac
Start small and make it good
Are You Emotionally Intelligent?
You give and expect nothing in return
8 Secrets of Success
To Build An Amazing Sales Team, Start Here First
Problem, Solution , Specifics

Week 72 – Failure should not be overlooked

D.T. Suzuki on What Freedom Really Means and How Zen Can Help Us Cultivate Our Character
Our ordinary life only touches the fringe of personality, it does not cause a commotion in the deepest parts of the soul
Keep Your Bad Decisions from Getting Worse by Mastering Acceptance
Don’t let your choices become a part of your identity
From 0 to $1B – Slack’s Founder Shares Their Epic Launch Strategy
Know Your Magic Number and What Your Metrics Mean
Google Ventures introduces a site and book to help make your startup’s product better in 5 days
The Design Sprint
Steven Spielberg: A Profile in Failure
Failure should not be overlooked in anyone, especially not those we admire