Week 52 – The Habits of Happiness

What I Learned As Pandora’s First Data Scientist
The hallmark of being a good manager or collaborator is that everyone wants you involved in their project.
Science Confirms It: If You Want To Succeed, You Have To Screw Up
Don’t beat yourself up for repeatedly
What Happened to Motorola
The Impact of a Culture Shift
The habits of happiness
Do we spend time on what matters ?
Leadership Lessons From Much Further Afield
Promote Ownership

Week 51 – Science gives us knowledge, but only philosophy can give us wisdom

That Defining Moment That Comes Once In An Entrepreneur’s Life – Will You Be Ready For Yours?
When the time to perform has arrived, the time to prepare has passed
A Magna Carta for the web
From the Boss
What Children Can Teach Us About Risk, Failure, and Personal Growth
One of the reasons why mature people are apt to learn less than young people is that they are willing to risk less.
Positioning Your Startup is Vital — Here’s How to Nail It
You can’t be everything to everyone, but you can be something great for someone.
Power Up Your Team with Nonviolent Communication Principles
There’s no such thing as a conflict-free environment, so you better learn how to deal with it.

Week 50 – 15 Business Lessons from the Movie Moneyball

The Secrets To Becoming A Great Leader Revealed
Respect, Belief, Trust, Loyalty, Commitment, Courage, and Gratitude
Avoiding The Digital Dustbin: 4 Ways Collaborative Workspace Drives Innovation
Space that inspires
The Most Innovative Employees at Google Aren’t Stanford Grads with Perfect SATs
Drive, Mastery and Purpose
15 Business Lessons from the Movie Moneyball
We are going to change the game
Four Ways To Develop A Better Strategic Plan
Ask provocative questions

Week 49 – The ‘Dean’ of Leadership Gurus Passes At 89

The ‘Dean’ of Leadership Gurus Passes At 89
None of us is as smart as all of us
Yuko Shimizu: Make Your Own Path
you don’t have anyone to look up to anymore
Driving Corporate Innovation: Design Thinking vs. Customer Development
Customer Development and Design Thinking are both customer discovery processes
What Great Leaders Actually DO
Empowering your collaborators with trust, authority, and autonomy so that they can freely contribute and move towards the vision
How to Make Your Mark When You Enter A Team
In a herd there is always one dominant animal