Week 48 – Innovation Emerges From Stories We Tell

Innovation Emerges From Stories We Tell
Those who tell stories of innovation create innovative societies
Why It’s Good for You to Be Kind to Others
Being good is good for you mentally and physically
Jim Carrey: Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Fail
Take a chance on doing what you love
Why Your Idea Is Worth Nothing Until Executed
No risk, No reward
Leonard Cohen on Creativity, Hard Work, and Why You Should Never Quit Before You Know What It Is You’re Quitting
Inspiration is for amateurs — the rest of us just show up and get to work

Week 47 – Our capacity for fertile solitude

Why Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are so successful, in one word
Focus as a noun and verb
The Case for Why Marketing Should Have Its Own Engineers
Navigate without a map
Psychoanalyst Adam Phillips on Our Capacity for “Fertile Solitude”
Learn to enjoy your company
Podium Power: 7 Steps To A Rock Solid Speech
Call to action
This 23-Year-Old Built and Sold His Startup While in School – Here’s How He Did It
You figure out what your product is only after selling it.

Week 46 – Become a ‘now-ist’

Want to innovate? Become a “now-ist”
Be a now-ist
Are You ‘Leadership Material’?
Remember your ‘non-negotiables’
Dropbox’s Head of Design on the Dawn of Personalized Products
Actively manage people’s identities in ways that encourage the behavior you want
What to Learn from the Man Who Managed Reddit’s Community of Millions
Tread and retread
Buddhist Economics: How to Stop Prioritizing Goods Over People and Consumption Over Creative Activity
It is not wealth that stands in the way of liberation but the attachment to wealth

Week 45 – These 7 Motivational Navy SEAL Sayings Will Kick Your Butt Into Gear

8 Rare Gems from Heidi Roizen on Building a Fulfilling Life and Career
Life is actually really, really random
The Importance of Doing Nothing
Incubating ideas through subconscious thought
Storytelling: A Brave New World Of Commerce
There’s nothing new under the sun, but there’s a lot of old stuff we haven’t yet discovered.
These 7 Motivational Navy SEAL Sayings Will Kick Your Butt Into Gear
All in, all the time
The Three Key Leadership Lessons From ‘Seinfeld’
Acting isn’t about lying. Acting is about the truth.