Week 44 – 10 Ancient Rules We Should All Live by Today

10 Ancient Rules We Should All Live by Today
Treat others like you live in a world of 150 people
Open Platforms Fuel Startup Ecosystems
Ready made launch pad for startups

Act as If: Why Success Requires More than Just Hustle
We have to believe and behave like the person we are trying to be from day one
Remembering the Lessons Of Harvard Business School Professor Chris Argyris
Double loop learning
To Keep Your Job in 2025, Put Yourself Out of Business – Now
Show insatiable curiosity

Week 43 – The Leadership Joy of Being a Great No. 2

Digital Storytellers: How One Production Company Is Working To Build A Creative Utopia
The 7 Reasons Why Israeli Start Ups Succeed
Flexibility and Speed of attainment of one’s stated goals
The Leadership Joy of Being a Great No. 2
Are you an A or a C ?
Top 100 Inspirational Quotes
Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it
What Am I Thinking About You?
Regions of brain are devoted to social cognition

Week 42 – What Reading does for the human soul

Failure Is Your Friend: A New Freakonomics Radio Podcast
Fail Quickly
Visa World Cup Campaign Shows Everyone Is Driven To Win–Even Nobel Peace Laureates
United in Rivalry
Kafka on Books and What Reading Does for the Human Soul
Reading is the work of the alert mind, is demanding, and under ideal conditions produces finally a sort of ecstasy
Democratizing your Culture
Self Scoring of Outcomes and Key Results
50 Of The Best Kids’ Books Published In The Last 25 Years
Little Owl’s night