Week 41 – Great grades are not a pass for a great life

Why Engineers Make Great CEOs
Good at attention to detail, problem-solving, numeracy, risk management and analysis

Software is Eating Hardware – Lessons for Building Magical Devices
Build an experience, Not just a product

Do We Need A Revolution In Management?
Using abductive logic right

The Best Of Maya Angelou
“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within”

Three Things I Learned on Commencement Day
Great grades are not a pass for a great life

Week 40 – The Long Game

The Long Game
Why showing up day in and day out without fail is the surest way to achieve lasting success
Reality Check: Leadership Is Hell
Reaching for power is a great way to end up feeling powerless in your life and career
The Leadership Illusion: A Millennial Revolution
Are the foundations changing ?
The 39 Best Pieces of Sales Advice You’ll Hear This Year
If you undervalue your product people will use it less
If I were 22: Lessons from Basic Training
Have a battle buddy

Week 39 – What ants teach us about the brain, cancer and the Internet

10 Kinds of Stories to Tell with Data
A good summary
7 Things I Learned from Warren Buffett. The Last Point Shocked Me the Most
A Solid understand of math and finance
Simple Design is What You Need, Not What You Want
Design lets us turn what is complex into a simpler story
What ants teach us about the brain, cancer and the Internet
Simple Interaction – No hierarchy
This Startup Launched in 30 Cities in 6 Months — Here’s How They Did It
Pay crucial, painstaking attention to your first hire in every new city or region. They are the linchpin in your plan.


Week 38 – Why most product managers suck ?

Why most product managers suck (and how to be a better one)?
Prioritize ruthlessly
Conquering The Common Fears of Leadership
With much power comes much responsibility
What Kevin Durant can teach us about Leadership
Humility and Hardwork
How To Improve Management Accountability In Your Organization
Make the avoidance of “Conflict Avoidance” a priority
7 Jeff Bezos Quotes That Will Change The Way You Think About Business
“If you double the number of experiments you do per year you’re going to double your inventiveness.”

Week 37 – Four things big innovators do differently

Tilting the windmill by Alistair Croll
Three tiered portfolios
Why Motivating Others Starts With Using The Right Language
What It Takes to Design a Good Life
Start Now, Start every single day
How Squarespace’s CEO Pivoted to Scale for Millions
“You have to have the desire to really build a business, not just grow a sustainable product.”
A Framework for Managing the “Let Down”
An interesting framework