I will fill in the actual author, URL’s and a note on what I like about these books shortly , but an amazon search will possibly give a more accurate review of what these books has to offer and may be excite you as well. These are in no particular order, but in my view these are pretty decent and compelling reads

Crucibles of Leadership
A lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and off the court
Man’s Search for Meaning
Emotional Intelligence
The art of possibility
Questions of Character
Leadership and Self-Deception
Become a Technical Leader
Good to Great
Business Model You
Resonant Leadership
Drucker on Leadership
Leading Quietly
The power of Habit
Reverse Innovation
Built to Last
Changing Minds
The new age of innovation
The Black Swan
The Ascent of Money
The Power of Now
The Secret
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
Wings of Fire
The case of Bonsai Manager
Code Named God
To Begin Where I am
Just for Fun
Predicatably Irrational
Four steps to Epiphany
Breakout Nations
Reality Check
The back of the Napkin
Difficulty of Being Good
Surely you are joking Mr Feynmann
Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid
Will Power
Management by Drucker
Fifty Psychology Classics
Sophie’s World
A whole new mind
The Journeys of Socrates
Our Iceberg is Melting
Presetnation Patterns
Talent is Overrated
Persuasive Presentations
Emotional Design
Delivering Happiness
The Art of Happiness
The Impact Equation
Employees First Customers Second
Jonathan Livingston Seagull
The Owner’s Startup Manual
Bertrand Rusell – An autobiography
Checklist Manifesto
Crucial Conversations
Made to Stick
To Engineer is Human
The Halo Effect
Moonwalking with Einstein
Make your Ideas Matter
An Inconvenient Truth
The journey of the accidental leader
The War of the Art : Winning the Inner Creative Battle
The Cluetrain Manifesto
The wealth of Nations
Meatball Sundae
The Icarus
Good Business
Confessions of a Public Speaker
Presentation Zen
Ten faces of Innovation
The Art of Innovation
The Wisdom of Crowds
The Intention Economy
Making  Ideas Happen
The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur
The Accidental Creative
Unusually Excellent: The Necessary Nine Skills Required for the Practice of Great Leadership
HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Managing Yourself (with bonus article “How Will You Measure Your Life?” by Clayton M. Christensen)
Your Erroneous Zones