I wonder why, I wonder how,

You approach a traffic signal which is yellow; it always turns to red and never to green.

Despite making one thousand train journeys you never make one lasting friendship in the train journeys and that too if you were one from the KB (K Balachander) inspired generations of Rail Sneham (Train Friendship), it is even more frustrating!

Whenever you get a lower berth allotted, there is always someone requesting you to move to some other berth.

90% of the time in flights, you get an equal sized person sitting next to you.

You do not get the person you want in phone at a six sigma precision especially when you need them most.

You get emergency show stoppers and frantic calls on a Friday evening.

Two equally good movies get played in different channels at the same time.

You generally get interrupted during the plot of a movie.

You do not get your favorite dish in your favorite restaurant especially when you have gone for it.

You remember the name of an old friend either before or after the interaction and never during it.

You are well in time for a flight and the flight always starts late.

You are five minutes late for a flight and the flight leaves in time.

You are in a hurry and you will never find the right change to pay the taxi/auto.

I wonder why, I wonder how.

But if you have grown up listening to “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans” or used to the philosophy of ‘Living in the present’

You begin to enjoy these and the many other similar things.

As for me I can enjoy all of the above, well almost, except the frantic and desperate search in the train journeys :). Well, blame it on KB.

Stay Tuned and Have Fun.